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Introduction of Feifan R7 model and brand related content

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Shulou( Report--

The 2024 R7 all-dimensional advanced intelligent comfort experience, with the world's leading self-research tram adjustment system to bring a better driving and more comfortable driving experience, the first sustainable evolution of the Feifan Bach cockpit, and the upgrading of design luxury beyond the same level, as well as industry-leading visual interaction programs, etc., comprehensively achieve 129vehicle improvements, once again push up the perception of pure electric travel comfort scenes, and re-establish the value benchmark of the same level of products.

Design of medium and large sedan car SUV

The 2024 Feifan R7 takes "not complicated, that is, extraordinary" as its design concept, starting from people's needs, expressing high-level aesthetics with rational design, carving every detail with ingenuity, so that you can really enjoy the revolutionary travel experience brought about by intelligent technology. Practice the true luxury texture.

In modeling, Feifan R7 combines function with aesthetics, streamlined sliding back modeling combined with wide shoulder design, lower head and rear drag modeling, improving R7's superior aerodynamic performance, wind resistance coefficient as low as 0.238Cd, showing the beauty of rational design to remove redundancy, with three body colors to choose, namely Yunshubai, amber ash and raw coconut latte.

Feifan Bay area driving system

The 2024 R7 first Feifan Bay area driving system integrates the concept of aviation three-axis technology, making the three-electric domain, the car body domain and the intelligent driving domain better controlled. Can bring crosswind suppression, 4K power smoothness, pure electric most linear braking dynamic experience, intelligent driving system collection of state-of-the-art hardware and full fusion algorithm, and rely on OTA continuous upgrade, bring more comfortable, more accurate intelligent driving experience. In daily driving, achieve power 4K linear output, pure electric superlinear comfortable braking, and more accurate steering feedback. In terms of ride feel, the new R7 has excellent smooth and smooth performance under the scenes of frequent acceleration / braking in urban areas, mountain road bends, high-speed parallel and so on. In addition, the 2024 R7 achieves more stable vehicle control with industry-leading crosswind suppression.

The motor of the 2024 R7 adopts direct waterfall oil cooling technology, the heat dissipation capacity is increased by 30%, the peak power duration of the whole machine is extended by 2%, and there is almost no need to worry about the power attenuation of the 2024 R7. Maximum power 250kW, peak torque 450N ·m, zero acceleration 5.8s, and long service life of 670km.

3. 1 super-visual intelligent interaction

The 31st super visual interaction solution combines AR-HUD, 43-inch triple screen, intelligent module and intelligent driving technology deeply, and creates a leading visual interactive experience for users.

As the first model in the world to be equipped with Huawei's vision-enhanced AR-HUD heads-up system, the Feifan R7 will be able to more deeply integrate AR-HUD and intelligent driving information. In addition, the intelligent display of AR screen, visual richness and exquisite experience are greatly optimized, which greatly improves the driver's intuitive interactive environment perception. Supported by the powerful RISING OS extreme Intelligence Interactive system 1.4.0, the 43-inch wide triple screen breaks down software and hardware barriers with the industry's first cockpit digital ecology of unlimited mobile phone systems, and supports high-speed non-inductive access to multi-brand mobile phones such as OPPO and Xiaomi, bringing a more focused, relaxed and secure immersive intelligent experience.

RISING BACH Feifan Bach cockpit

For the first time, take the sustainable evolution of the Feifan Bach cockpit, switch the Feifan Bach master steering wheel, and adapt to the depth of the wisdom module scene to achieve a better balance of comfort, intelligence and safety. Carrying the industry's first Feifan Bach immersed in vector sound technology, so that the sound can also have a sense of direction, to achieve sound location, driving more safe.

RISING PILOT fully integrated high-order intelligent driving system

RISING PILOT full fusion of high-order intelligent driving scheme, FULL FUSION full fusion algorithm, as well as China's first PREMIUM 4D imaging radar + 800w pixel high-definition camera + Nvidia Orin smart driving chip and other industry top perception hardware support, entered the head array in the field of intelligent driving, bringing users a safer and more confident high-level intelligent driving experience.

RISING POWER Feifan energy scheme

The whole series of Feifan R7 is equipped with a "rechargeable and upgradable" power exchange structure, which can be changed very quickly in only 2.5 minutes, making the replenishment more flexible, convenient and efficient from now on.

Brand related

Feifan Automobile is a user-oriented data-driven automotive technology company, with "authenticity, development, taste" as the core, committed to building a "high-level intelligent pure electric mobile space". Adhering to the brand mission of "realizing human imagination of intelligent travel with science and technology", Feifan cars share wisdom and taste with users and partners, continue to make progress, and achieve extraordinary achievements.

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