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BYD Seal DM-i ushered in its first OTA update, adding lanes to keep on and off, optimizing SOC accuracy, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- December 6 news, BYD's medium-sized sealer DM-i ushered in the first OTA update (the specific version number is unknown). This upgrade mainly adds the switch option of LKA (Lane retention Assistance) function, and optimizes the experience of 10 functions such as intelligent driving assistance and SOC precision, involving 13 ECU modules.

This OTA adds the setting switch of LKA lane keeping auxiliary function, which can be turned on by "vehicle setting-DiPilot- driving assist-Lane keeping". This feature helps drivers keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane while driving, so as to reduce lane deviations caused by fatigue or distractions, thereby improving the driving experience. noted that in addition to the LKA function, the OTA upgrade has also optimized a number of driving assistance functions, including ICC (Intelligent Cruise Control) and ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), to enhance driving convenience and safety under various road conditions. At the same time, by using the updated SOC (residual Power display) algorithm, the accuracy and stability of electricity display are improved, the SOC information is more reliable, and more valuable reference data is provided for users.

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