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The performance of the new generation of domestic super calculation "Tianhe Xingyi" reveals that it has doubled compared with "Tianhe No.2" in many aspects.

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According to news on December 6, at the 2023 supercomputing innovation application conference held today, the National Guangzhou Center officially released the new generation of domestic supercomputing system "Tianhe Xingyi", but did not disclose specific performance details.

At noon today, Xinhua News Agency revealed that Tianhe Xingyi has doubled its general CPU computing capacity, network capacity, storage capacity and application service capacity compared with Tianhe II.

According to the query, the peak computing speed of the Tianhe II phase I system is 10.07 billion beats per second, the continuous computing speed is 614 billion beats per second, the total memory capacity is about 3PB, and the total global storage capacity is about 19PB. You can roughly double the data.

According to reports, "Tianhe Xingyi" is application-centric, using domestic advanced computing architecture, high-performance multi-core processors, high-speed interconnection network, large-scale storage and other key technologies to fully meet the needs of high-performance computing, AI large model training, big data analysis and other application scenarios.

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