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Can "GTA 6" start without PC to make a lot of money? Data show that 44% of "GTA 5" players have bought multiple platform versions.

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Shulou( Report--, December 6, "GTA 6" confirmed the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in 2025. The PC platform is not officially mentioned, so many people speculate that there will be no PC version for the first release of the game.

PlayTracker, a data tracking platform, gives its own understanding, saying that 44 per cent of "GTA 5" players have bought games on multiple platforms, according to the platform. In other words, even if the "GTA 5" debut does not log on to PC, there are still many people who buy another copy on the PC platform.

PlayTracker also said that R Star will also have "differential treatment" within the PC platform. For example, "Wild Dart 2" will be released on Epic and Rockstar Launcher first, and the launch of Steam will be delayed by a month, thus getting a higher share of game revenue.

Of course, with the ultra-high quality of the game, R Star naturally has the confidence to do so. So far, "GTA 5" has sold 190 million units, and it often appears in the top 10 of Steam bestsellers today. Naturally, the goal of "GTA 6" is to take over the position of becoming the new "king of the open world".

As previously saw in R Star's press release, R Star founder Sam Houser said: "GTA 6" will continue to strive to break the limits of a highly immersive, story-driven open world experience. "

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