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Huang Renxun: Huawei is a "very strong" competitor to Nvidia in the field of AI chips.

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On December 6, Huang Renxun, CEO of Nvidia, said today that Huawei is one of Nvidia's "very strong" (very formidable) competitors in the competition to produce the best artificial intelligence chips.

Huawei, Intel and growing semiconductor start-ups pose a serious challenge to Nvidia's dominance of the artificial intelligence accelerator market, Huang Renxun said in an interview in Singapore on Wednesday.

"We have a lot of competitors in China and abroad," Huang said. "most of our competitors don't care where we are. Wherever we go, they want to compete with us."

Nvidia's chips have become the most sought after commodity in the artificial intelligence boom because they provide the most effective way to train big data models, such as those that support ChatGPT.

Huang Renxun also said this morning that Nvidia is considering making a major investment in Singapore.

On December 5, Huang Renxun announced that Nvidia will set up an artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory in Japan and build a local network of AI factories.

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