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Polar Krypton car launches winter service care campaign: six free inspection services such as chassis and brakes are provided.

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Shulou( Report--, December 6, 2008. Polar Krypton announced today that the 2023 Winter Service Care campaign will be launched to distribute "Winter Travel check coupons" to all car owners from December 5, 2023 to January 15, 2024. is accompanied by the contents of inspection:

Appearance inspection: including windshield, wiper blade aging and other 3 inspection

Low voltage battery inspection

Brake inspection: including brake block thickness, brake disc and other 3 checks

Chassis inspection: including 9 checks such as steering function and suspension system

Tire inspection: two tests of tread depth and tire pressure

Winter special inspection: coolant, glass water freezing point detection, adding antifreeze glass water 2 services.

Rule description:

The "winter travel check coupon" has been uniformly distributed to the App account of the owner of the picked up car. If the user has not received the card ticket, please consult [car]-[Polar Krypton Butler]. If it is verified that it has not been issued, it will be reissued within 3 working days.

Each polar krypton vehicle can only enjoy one "winter travel inspection activity" for free. This activity is only carried out during the activity cycle, and other service items are not discounted or deducted. For details, please see the card coupon description.

In addition, polar krypton owners make an appointment to go to the service center and carry out basic / enhanced maintenance services (excluding 3000 km inspection), and have the opportunity to receive ZEEKR Care custom pendant aromatherapy (snow gardenia fragrance); extreme krypton "happy home service package" will be reduced by 50 yuan every Wednesday, and polar krypton service center will unlock "coffee welfare" every Wednesday.

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