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New year's good-looking equipment must be selected, gigabyte B760M ice carving X (special edition) motherboard new products go on sale

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2024 is approaching, many friends will take advantage of the December to bid farewell to the New year and welcome the New year to buy host hardware, so that they can use their favorite PC host as soon as the New year comes. Unexpectedly, gigabyte recently launched a new B760M motherboard, in the increasingly popular white-themed installation, with 14-generation Kouri processor and DDR5 high-frequency memory, it will certainly become the vanguard of appearance and stability in your favorite machine, which is the gigabyte B760M ice sculpture X (special edition) motherboard.

Although the old players can see at a glance that it basically inherits the standard version of the B760 small sculpture AX series in appearance, the appearance of the B760M ice sculpture X (special edition) can be said to be amazing. The whole board body is based on a light grayish white tone, supplemented by a large area of silver + white heat dissipation armor, the AORUS gradient color Logo is very layered, the iconic sculpture also appears on the heat dissipation armor, and even the buckle of the memory slot is treated with white. Although there is no RGB, it is very advanced, and the appearance is one of the best among the B760 motherboards, and the effect will not be bad with any white hardware.

On the other hand, the main areas such as chipset, power supply and M.2 solid state are fully covered by heat dissipation armor, so that the motherboard is fully guaranteed in terms of heat dissipation efficiency and hardware stability, so that CPU and SSD can continue to operate stably at lower temperatures. PCIe 5.0slots are also reinforced with aluminum alloy armor, with quick and easy disassembly fastening buckle design, regardless of the convenience of disassembling and assembling graphics cards and the load-bearing stability of the slots. The power specification supports 14.1-phase power supply, which can be easily controlled even if it is directly on the 14-generation core i9 processor.

B760M Ice carving X (Special Edition) of course also supports gigabyte's traditional art energy, D5 memory overclocking cool techs, which directly provides users with the performance of overclocking to DDR5 8266MHz frequency, turn on XMP in the motherboard BIOS, and then turn on Low Latency and High Bandwidth options, you can enjoy memory performance that greatly exceeds the default overclocking read and write speed of other motherboards XMP, while greatly improving memory latency. If you are a veteran and fond of twists and turns, you can further adjust the memory frequency doubling, Gear mode, timing, voltage and other setting options in the motherboard BIOS to extract the performance limit of memory.

B760M Ice Sculpture X (Special Edition) also provides players with strong scalability and interface configuration, the motherboard is equipped with 1*PCI-E 5.0x16 graphics card slots, 2 PCI-E 4.0M.2 slots (one of which supports 22110-length M.2 solid state), and 4 DDR5 memory slots, whether it is hard disk space expansion or four full memory sockets.

At the same time, the Q-Flash Plus interface on the motherboard can update the motherboard BIOS quickly without CPU, and novice users can upgrade at will. The interface is equipped with 1 USB-C interface (20Gbps rate), 4 USB3.2 Gen2 Type-An interfaces, of which the red A port supports 10Gbps rate, and there are 4 USB2.0 interfaces to facilitate users to connect external hard drives and various peripheral accessories.

B760M Ice Sculpture X (Special Edition) is also equipped with 2.5G gigabit network port, Wi-Fi7 enhanced antenna set and Bluetooth low delay function, resulting in more stable network, faster device connection, faster transmission and lower game delay, ensuring players' extremely fast Internet access and e-sports gaming experience.

‎ if you like RGB, you can also use gigabyte intelligent butler (GCC) client platform to easily control and DIY various lighting effects, or achieve Shengguang synchronization, making the lighting effect in the chassis more cool.

In terms of after-sales support, the B760M ice sculpture X (special edition) motherboard gives a sincere 4-year warranty time limit, 1-year free replacement and 3-year-old free repair services for damage, and support to send repairs to people, so that users can buy at ease. With peace of mind.

As a joint special motherboard with the well-known electric war team WBG, now buy B760M ice sculpture X (special edition), that is, send WGB limited postcards around, after confirming the receipt, you can also contact customer service to get limited mysterious T-shirt gifts. B760M ice sculpture X (special edition) has been put on the shelves of on December 1, with an initial price of 1599 yuan, supporting white strip 6 interest-free installments and double 12 full price protection. gigabyte ice sculpture X (GIGABYTE) B760M AORUS ELITE X AX DDR5 WBG team special WIFI motherboard supports CPU 1390013700KF LGA 17001599 yuan direct link

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