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Update of version 27.1 of "PUBG": a new map Rongdu comes online

2024-02-29 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Fat Cat, for the clue delivery! news on December 6, "PUBG" today carried out the first round of the 27th season update, a new map Rongdu online. Officials say Rongdu has the broadest game space and is a map of the coordination and integration of traditional style and modern aesthetics.

The new map Rongdu is 8x8 kilometers in size, supports up to 100 people, and supports sunny and sunset weather, in which players can use lifts, oilers and resurrection systems.

The map of attached Rongdu is as follows:

In Rongdu, which combines the vast natural scenery with the majestic modern city, players can not only play games based on their original experience, but also use their inspiration in new scenes to choose various strategies. Come and start your adventure and leave your footprints in the magnificent metropolis, magnificent water restaurants, beautiful lakes and quiet bamboo groves.

The arrival of Rongdu will bring new changes to the original three elements of PUBG: "LAND, LOOT, and SURVIVE". I hope you can make more diverse choices and write more novel stories in each game on this map!

Jadena City

In this big city southeast of Rongdu, everything is available. From rows of high-rise buildings, gorgeous neon signs, eye-catching night scenes to bridges across the city, you can see them here. Oh, by the way, you don't have to go hiking in Jadena City. Try the new escalator function introduced in PUBG to quickly shuttle between buildings.


An integrated sports ground with a competitive atmosphere as strong as the battlefield. It is said that not only various sports events have been held here, but also concerts will be held from time to time.

Jao Tin

It is also a good choice to take a break from the fierce battle for chicken dinner and enjoy a dramatic performance here.

Rin Jiang

In the Rin Jiang area south of Rongdu, there are water hotels and high-end residential areas located above the water, as well as ports for ships to call.

Tin Long Garden

The scenery of Tin Long Garden is like coming out of a martial arts novel. This area is made up of beautiful waterfalls and huge stone mountains, full of antique atmosphere.

Yu Lin

The buildings in this area are surrounded by dense trees, bringing in the beauty of the East. The beautiful and tranquil pond exudes the charm of traditional aesthetics, which makes people intoxicated.

NEOX Factory

This is the car factory that produces Rongdu's new vehicles! It is said that electric cars will also be produced here.

Test Track

Rongdu's new vehicles have also been running on this track where NEOX Factory's vehicles are used for driving tests.

Mey Ran

Are you tired of fighting on the dirt? You might as well come here and experience the mysteries of life on the water floating with lotus flowers.


In the Bamboo area, there are many ways to relieve combat pressure. You can either take a break here, or you can find something to destroy it.

Lo Hua Xing

Lo Hua Xing is like a fortress standing on a cliff, in which stone statues are heavily guarding the area. If you make eye contact with it, I am afraid you will immediately confess to it all the crimes you have committed in your life.

Fong Tun

The scenery of the area often gives visiting players the idea of going back to the countryside. But don't forget the original purpose of setting foot on the battlefield!

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