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Lock tomorrow at 14:00 to see the first AI PC Industrial Innovation Forum.

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Shulou( Report--

2023 is not over yet, but "AI" has undoubtedly become a buzzword of the year. The development of large models is in full swing. How can PC help individuals expand the boundaries of AI capabilities, and how can people better protect data security and personal privacy while enjoying the intelligence and convenience of AI? How will AI PC reshape the PC industrial ecology?

On December 7, the first AI PC Industrial Innovation Forum will be held at Lenovo headquarters in Beijing, with the theme of "the first year of AI New Ecological Intelligence", bringing together big names in the fields of users, terminals, AI technology, applications and computing power to discuss the innovation and restructuring of PC industry under the wave of AI.

Lenovo has nearly 40 years of advanced manufacturing experience in the PC field, and has taken on the important task of leading the product trend and industry development in the past two waves of PC technology. In the first wave of miniaturization and graphics, Lenovo launched domestic brand computers and home computers, and won the top of the domestic PC in the 1990s. In the second wave of networking and mobility, Lenovo pioneered the Internet computer and won the top spot in the global PC in 2012.

This time, the technological change caused by generative AI has once again pushed Lenovo to the forefront. Fortunately, Lenovo has formed a first-mover advantage on AI PC by being the first to perceive changes in trends, lay out ahead of time and act actively. As early as October this year, Lenovo first demonstrated the revolutionary product AI PC and large model compression technology at the Innovation and Technology Conference, and released a series of artificial intelligence innovation and technology achievements such as personal and enterprise artificial intelligence twins.

What surprises will there be on December 7th? Lock 14:00 to witness the moment that the new year of AI PC is about to begin. I won't leave until I see you.

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