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The cumulative number of viewers exceeded 440 million! A series of concerts for the fourth anniversary of the debut of the time Youth Troupe ended successfully.

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"Love to 1440,""3650,""Meet..." Recently, the fourth anniversary concert series of the Times Youth League started, seven teenagers in two weeks of warm-hearted business, to fans sent waves of "material bombing." Among them, Fast Hand exclusively broadcast the November 18 session for free, and on November 19, the surprise continued, and the fourth anniversary of "becoming a great adult" was broadcast live. Subsequently, the fast hand is exclusive online concert all single direct shot position.

In the live broadcast of the concert, the Times Youth League sang and danced fully, and presented the stage premiere of "Love to 1440," which once exploded the whole audience. In addition to joy, in the fourth anniversary surprise live broadcast, the youth group shared the unknown story of the concert, the classic stage call back, full of memories to kill. The Times Youth League also impressed the fast-handed old iron with their handsomeness and sincerity.

Set cards to win the concert machine wine dream gold, Times Youth League opened super long interaction

As the exclusive live broadcast platform of this concert, the live broadcast data of the fast-hand war newspaper is particularly eye-catching. It is reported that the number of live broadcast reservations of the Times Youth League exceeds 16.53 million, the cumulative number of viewers of the two live broadcasts exceeds 440 million, the number of likes exceeds 370 million, and the highest number of simultaneous online users exceeds 3.37 million. The total exposure of the whole network is 9.89 billion yuan, and there are 415 hot lists. The highlights of the live broadcast cause hot discussion among fans and netizens.

Behind these brilliant data is the full boost of fast hands. From November 12, the fast hand launched the card-winning ticket activity, lucky users will get random tickets for the concert and have the opportunity to enjoy the whole machine wine provided by the fast hand, helping to reach the concert site. More heart-warming is that in the process of collecting cards, the fast hand also set up random flop unlock era youth group voice, letters to fans, Short Video comment area badge eggs and other surprises. With the support of many buffs, the popularity of fan card collection is high. In addition to the fast hand station, fans also launch card collection experience sharing on multiple social platforms, and the expectation for concerts is full.

The two live broadcasts also lived up to fans 'eager expectations. In the live concert, the Times Youth League motorcycle modeling cool opening, fans full-screen praise, the opening is the climax. The live broadcast not only has the member solo, but also has the fan vote TOP1 song all chorus "Meet" as scheduled, fans have brushed the screen: "Shark crazy." It is worth mentioning that in the concert, the Times Youth League contributed the stage debut of "Love to 1440" to the fast-handed fans, so that the fans who could not attend the concert could also enjoy their eyes without regret. In the fourth anniversary surprise live broadcast on the 19th, the Times Youth League once again sang old songs full of memories of fans and shouted to themselves 36 years later. Everyone sighed,"Love beans have really grown up." Fans also witnessed the warm moment when teenagers grew up into great adults in the fast-hand broadcast room.

A variety of wonderful play methods are staged in turn, and the Times Youth League's single straight shot surprise drops

In addition to live broadcasting, fast-hand follow-up also launched a variety of fancy play methods, to satisfy the unfinished fans and love beans online close interaction desire. Among them, the single-person direct shooting position of the concert has been officially launched, so that fans who miss the card collection activities can still have their favorite high-definition direct shooting of love beans, but also can look back at those wonderful moments of the concert.

Ma Jiaqi, Ding Chengxin, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang, He Junlin, single direct shot will each love bean on the stage of the whole wonderful income, for fans to present a luxurious visual feast, fast hand this wave of operation can be said to achieve the user experience to the extreme.

In addition, the fast hand also launched the "love to 1440" hot special effect, launched #and you share more than 1440 topic activities, popcorn people have released their own love beans songs in time. Although the concert is over, the excitement on the fast hand line continues. Not only that, fast-hand AI play reviews also joined the event, for the Times Youth League intelligent call. Users can enter the text related to Qizi in the comment area of the Times Youth League Short Video to generate their exquisite or creative pictures with one click, making the interaction between fans and love beans more novel and interesting.

Fast-hand tailor-made star event live broadcast, creating a close-range star powder interactive ecosystem

Since September 2020, when the Times Youth League entered the fast hand, its combined account has released more than 200 Short Video on the fast hand, and more than 20 exclusive live broadcasts on the fast hand. Now the number of fans has reached nearly 17 million. Ma Jiaqi, Ding Chengxin, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang, He Junlin, 7 members of the fast-hand personal account fans accumulated more than 70 million. It was these fans who participated in almost all the important moments of the teenagers 'growth.

In order to better boost the favorite powder action of the Times Youth League, Fast Hand also tailor-made live broadcast special session for each teenager that can highlight his personal advantages. Combined with the scenes, play methods, links, etc. set by personal characteristics, it can really be associated with fans and users in emotional resonance in a relaxed and comfortable environment. In addition, in the live broadcast of different themes, the fast hand tailors different play methods for the youth group, and tries its best to pull in the distance between fans and love beans.

Obviously, these intentions of fast hands have not been wasted, such as the "wish list" of members 'birthday live broadcast, the live broadcast of this concert "Love to 1440" and other interactive play methods are popular with fans, promoting the emotional flow between stars and fans in the strong sense of participation, and better enhancing the interaction between star powder.

As a very important new generation force in the fast-hand star ecology, the Times Youth League successfully connected the young groups of post-90s, post-00 and even post-10s. For the Times Youth League, the reason for choosing fast hands, in addition to a more equal and inclusive community atmosphere, is particularly important to be able to truly be yourself and communicate and grow up with fans like friends.

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