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Lenovo Rescue Y700 first-generation tablet pushes ZUI 15 updates: supports application screen casting and other functions

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens for the delivery of the clues of the defeated Shadow! December 6 news, according to netizens feedback, Lenovo rescuer Y700 first-generation tablet has now pushed ZUI 15 major version update, version number is 15.0.361 stable version, installation package size is 3.20GB.

The update log attached to is as follows:

Important hint

This update is a major version of Android upgrade. Be sure to back up your important personal data and data to avoid data loss caused by anomalies.

This update is a full-package upgrade, and the file is relatively large. Be sure to download it in the Wifi environment to avoid excessive traffic consumption.

Upgrade highlights

Major version upgrade of Android 13

Support system applications and controls to change theme colors according to wallpaper colors

Add more information for desktop presentation

Add a new application resource library to the global taskbar to call all applications at any time

Add window menu, support split screen and floating window gesture switch, make it easier to change window state

New Lenovo replacement to support rapid migration of data to new devices

New post-it note application, support Instant memo content import, support handwriting to text, one-stroke molding, two-finger revocation function, help improve efficiency

New super interconnection, new application screen, fast file transfer, optimized PC to tablet screen experience, faster discovery of interconnected devices

More optimization

The desktop edit mode supports multi-selection application batch operation.

Desktop editing mode supports multi-selection application batch operation picture library upgrade, supports column separation, and is easier to use on a large screen.

Desktop editing mode supports multi-selection applications, batch operation and new split layout in the control center.

Desktop editing mode supports multi-selection application batch operation support partial application parallel window mode drag left and right interface ratio

Matters needing attention

Some functions of the original Lenovo One are not available after the super interconnection upgrade.

Desktop widgets need to be re-added after post-it notes upgrade.

Be sure to back up your important personal data and data to avoid data loss caused by anomalies.

Please do not switch the computer mode during the upgrade process to avoid abnormal display of the system upgrade

Make sure the device does not have Root, power, and sufficient storage space

The upgrade process may lead to short-term heating or power consumption of the equipment. It is recommended that you restart the system again after the upgrade to get a stable experience.

Lenovo first released the Rescue Y700 tablet (the first generation) in February 2022, with an 8.8inch LCD display (with high 120Hz refresh rate) and a Snapdragon 870 processor with 6550mAh battery + 45W fast charge.

As a game tablet, the original Savior Y700 tablet is also equipped with dual X-axis linear motors, oversized VC cooling boards, 3.5mm audio interfaces, dual JBL ultra-linear speakers and so on.

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