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Didi customer service online visual voice call: users connect for free, communication is more efficient

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., December 6, according to DiDi's official news, recently, the visual "voice call" function has been launched on Didi experience Service Development platform (ESE). Users can click on the voice call in the customer service center of DiDi App and connect for free, and synchronously select the options that need to be served to solve the problem more efficiently and conveniently.

▲ DiDi App schematic learned from the official that Didi customer service will complement the advantages of online customer service and hotline calls to create a "voice call" visual menu service, allowing users to make voice calls on the App to hear the sound, but also click on the page to improve the ability to quickly solve problems. If it is a cost problem, if it meets the conditions, the solution will be given immediately after the system is studied and judged.

▲ Didi owner App schematic diagram Didi said that visual voice call is a new telephone communication technology. The ESE product team launched this feature simultaneously on DiDi App and Didi owner App this time. If you can't see the button shown in the icon, users are advised to upgrade App to the latest version.

After clicking "Voice call", the user does not need to use the traditional telephone number line, on the one hand, it can save the user's telephone cost, on the other hand, the user operates on the pop-up page synchronously according to the voice instruction in the process of calling, which greatly improves the bad experience that the user can not remember the question menu in the hotline, can not hear clearly or is unwilling to listen to the voice broadcast.

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