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Nvidia is considering setting up an AI R & D base in Japan

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Thanks to netizens West window past, OC_Formula clue delivery!, December 6, according to the Nikkei News, Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun said on December 5 that he intends to set up a research and development base related to artificial intelligence (AI) in Japan. The company plans to work with universities and research institutions.

Huang Renxun held talks with Japanese Minister of economy and Industry Yasuni Nishimura in the Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry and expressed his intention to set up an R & D base. When talking about the reasons for setting up the base, Huang Renxun said that "Japan has the technical and industrial capabilities needed to manufacture self-developed AI."

Nishimura said that in order to improve the computing power needed for AI development, "Nvidia's assistance is indispensable". Nvidia's GPU is needed to develop AI and generative AI, and the Japanese government asked Nvidia to supply it. noted that Huang Renxun did not mention the specific time and place of establishment. Nishimura revealed that as a candidate for R & D base, the comprehensive research institute of industrial technology was recommended, and Huang Renxun said he would actively consider this.

The Japan Institute of Industrial Technology is studying the formal AI Big language Model (LLM) and using Nvidia's GPU on supercomputers. Huang Renxun said during the meeting that he would invest in Japan in three areas: research and development bases, start-ups and training AI talents.

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