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Huawei publishes annual sustainable development report: focus on four major areas and use science and technology to make the world a better place

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Recently, Huawei Terminal officially released the "2022-2023 Huawei Terminal Sustainability Report". With "information accessibility,""green environmental protection,""education and health" and "corporate responsibility" as the main axes, the report systematically expounds Huawei's strategic layout, implementation of initiatives and progress made in the field of sustainable development in the past year.

Information accessibility: technology, no one left behind

In today's digital society, there are still a certain proportion of disabled people and the elderly who face the dilemma of "digital divide" due to their unskilled use of scientific and technological equipment. In recent years, Huawei has continuously invested in the field of information accessibility, promoting disabled people and the elderly to cross the "digital divide" through scientific and technological innovation and social training, so that more special groups can equally enjoy the dividends of scientific and technological development.

For example, Huawei released HarmonyOS 4 operating system in August this year, which will fully upgrade accessibility. The brand-new intelligent question-and-answer function adopts voice interaction mode, which can quickly answer the questions of visually impaired users about the scene in front of them, and adds functions such as hearing aid direct connection, which greatly improves the experience of hearing-impaired users.

In addition to product innovation, Huawei has also carried out a large number of social communication and training activities. According to the report, from 2022 to 2023, Huawei, together with more than 100 deaf/blind associations nationwide, carried out more than 150 Huawei barrier-free function experience activities in 44 cities in 30 provinces, and directly provided special training for more than 3000 disabled people so that they could better use scientific and technological products. In addition, Huawei store lecturers also go deep into the community to explain the use of intelligent equipment courses, which have accumulated more than 5000 sessions by 2023.

Green environmental protection: technology, symbiosis with nature

In the face of increasingly severe environmental challenges, Huawei has implemented a large number of environmental protection measures in product design, manufacturing, transportation, recycling and other links to help environmental protection with scientific and technological innovation.

According to the report, Huawei used more than 390 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy and nearly 1.8 billion kilowatt hours of clean energy in China in 2022, up 25% and 15% respectively from the previous year. Through clean alternative fossil energy generation, a large amount of carbon emissions were reduced. At the same time, suppliers are required to implement stricter carbon emission reduction targets, and the carbon emission intensity of Huawei terminal suppliers will decrease by 10% year-on-year in 2022.

In terms of products, Huawei continuously extends the service life of products through technological innovation. Over the past two years, Huawei has revitalized more than 16 million old devices through maintenance and renewal. These practices effectively reduce the generation of electronic waste and achieve the purpose of protecting the environment.

Education and Health: Technology Empowers You to Change

In the field of education, Huawei is committed to building an online education ecosystem, promoting digitalization of health management, and bringing better products and services to education and health through scientific and technological innovation.

According to the report, Huawei Education Center has reached cooperation with more than 240 institutions to provide end-to-end online education resources, and users can choose learning content suitable for themselves online. In addition, Huawei Research, based on AI and big data technologies, currently collaborates with more than 110 institutions and more than 13 million users on health management research, and is incubating a series of innovative digital health applications and solutions.

In terms of products, Huawei continues to build leading smart wearable products and has completed many breakthrough technologies in the health field to help users monitor their health status in real time and better manage their health.

Corporate Responsibility: Science and Technology, Return Trust with Responsibility

As a socially responsible enterprise, Huawei not only pursues commercial profits, but also continues to exert efforts in supply chain management, protection of user privacy, employee care and other aspects.

In terms of supply chain management, from September 2022 to August 2023, Huawei terminals carried out 217 supplier sustainability audits accumulatively, and 100% of newly introduced suppliers passed QC080000 hazardous substance management system certification to ensure green and environmental protection of products; at the same time, Huawei also promoted supplier "zero waste landfill" project to reduce environmental pollution and promote circular economy development.

In terms of privacy protection, Huawei has obtained authoritative certifications in the field of network security, including CC, FIPS, ISO 19790, PCI DSS, CSA STAR, etc., with more than 500 relevant certificates, ensuring the security of user data and privacy in all aspects. The new version of HarmonyOS system adds security functions such as application control center and digital asset inheritance, further strengthening security control.

In terms of employee development and care, Huawei has created more than 75,000 jobs worldwide, creating economic benefits for its locations and providing a large amount of training. In 2022, the total training time for employees exceeded 2 million hours. In addition, Huawei has also carried out a number of summer community activities, public health lectures and other activities to actively give back to the community and continuously fulfill corporate responsibilities.

Adhering to sustainable development, on the one hand, the enterprise gives back to the society, on the other hand, by establishing closer communication and connection between its own enterprise and the society and the public to ensure the longer-term continuation of the enterprise. Huawei systematically explained its sustainable development concepts and measures in various fields in the 2022-2023 Huawei Terminal Sustainability Report, reflecting the responsibility and responsibility of science and technology enterprises to promote social progress through innovation.

Looking forward to the future, we believe Huawei will continue to uphold its mission of "making the world a better place," promote sustainable development practices with scientific and technological innovation, and contribute to building a greener and environmentally friendly low-carbon society.

Click the link to view the Huawei Terminal Sustainability Report 2022-2023:

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