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It is reported that Yingweida Zhi drove a big speed up: Wu Xinzhou asked for rapid expansion and has begun to "work overtime"

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery! December 6 news, in August this year, Wu Xinzhou, former vice president of Xiaopeng self-driving announced to join Nvidia, lead the Nvidia self-driving team, and open the team to expand enrollment.

According to 36 Krypton PowerOn, it was learned from a number of people familiar with the matter that on December 4, nearly four months after taking office, Wu Xinzhou held a staff meeting in China at the Shanghai office of Nvidia, pointing out the reasons why Nvidia's smart driving is "lagging behind". At the same time, it began to expand rapidly, requiring 100 new recruits within two months. "considering the impact of the Spring Festival holiday, this goal must be achieved within half a year."

▲ he Xiaopeng, Wu Xinzhou, Huang Renxun group photo insiders revealed that the new wise man at the helm Wu Xinzhou expressed dissatisfaction with the past work pace of the Nvidia team and asked the team to improve the work pace. Nvidia, which originally did not have a week of 996, has begun to work overtime in order to catch up.

Nvidia China already has double-digit road test cars, all of which are Mercedes-Benz S-class models, and is carrying out road tests in several cities such as Shanghai, and the number of test vehicles and cities is also increasing, the report said. The first cities to land should be Beijing and Shanghai, according to people familiar with the matter. found that at the end of November, Nvidia official account personally posted a hiring message, saying that it would expand its self-driving team in China to jointly promote the arrival of AI-defined cars.

According to reports, the mission of the Nvidia self-driving team is to design, create and deploy the safest and most advanced artificial intelligence drive system for automated and self-driving vehicles. The job covers a variety of forms of transportation, from passenger cars to commercial vehicles to robotic taxis. From data centers that train and test artificial intelligence at the same time, to vehicles that process data in real time, safety is a top priority.

Wu Xinzhou said in the article: "China has the most suitable soil for the landing of high-level self-driving technology, and it has also trained the world's top self-driving production talents. It is hoped that China's self-driving team will become the core force in promoting the production of Invida's self-driving products in terms of technology and product polishing, and create global self-driving products with talents and experience in China."

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