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Overclocking warriors dressed in white! Seven rainbow iGame Z790D5 FLOW motherboard

2024-02-28 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

With the popularity of neo-desktop aesthetics, users prefer to use "sea view room" chassis to assemble computers. Therefore, users pay more and more attention to the appearance design of computer hardware, and the performance motherboard, which used to stack materials continuously as the standard, has also begun to focus on appearance design. A variety of cool cyber style, mechanical style, minimalist style motherboards have also been born, but there are only a handful of all-white flagship motherboards for pure white sea view room.

Recently, digital DIY manufacturers, Seven Rainbow released the pure white trend flagship motherboard iGame Z790D5 FLOW, using all-white PCB design, unique future curve elements and wave-shaped heat dissipation armor design broke the traditional computer hardware "tough guy" design style, light gray screen printing for the pure white motherboard to increase a sense of layering, so that the whole motherboard is full of "FLOW" flow vitality. The customized firefly ARGB power cooling and Nanqiao heat dissipation design bring flowing colors, which not only embellish the motherboard, but also support the lighting synchronization function, and users can change the lighting effect as they please.

IGame Z790D5 FLOW uses the Intel Z790 chipset, which perfectly supports Intel's 14-13-12 Daikuri processor. With the powerful power supply specification of 18.1-1phase digital power supply with core 90A DrMOS, it is easy to cope with i9 14900K long-time full load operation. The snow-white beautiful appearance uses an 8-layer PCB design with excellent electrical performance while enhancing the stability of CPU and memory overclocking.

The iGame Z790D5 FLOW also has four alloy reinforced DDR5 memory slots and uses 30 μ m thick gold-plated contacts to support dual-channel memory up to 7600MT/s. Good electrical properties also reserve space for manual memory overclocking up to 8200+MT/s, and the high bandwidth and low latency brought by higher frequency can make the game frame rate more stable and smooth. Each memory slot supports up to 48GB memory and up to 192GB memory. A large amount of memory can easily cope with video authoring and rendering modeling efficiency.

In order to give players a better experience, iGame Z790D5 FLOW's BIOS has also added quite a number of practical features and interface optimization, such as language change, one-click XMP, fan speed adjustment and other functions can be adjusted in the main interface. In addition, the overclocking experience is also optimized by adding Vdroop anti-voltage function, overclocking preset saving, parameter change prompts, and opening more voltage regulation options.

The memory voltage, frequency and timing are also integrated in the same menu, and the current voltage and timing display are added to make it easy for players to view; at the same time, iGame Z790D5 FLOW also supports Intel's DTT and XTU's AI overclocking function, which can bring players a more intuitive and convenient overclocking experience.

The motherboard is equipped with a full-length PCIe 5.0x16 graphics card slot, a full-length slot of PCIe 4.0x4 and an expansion slot of PCIe 3.0x1 under the removable anti-removal cover, and an open slot of PCIe 4.0x4 at the bottom of the motherboard, which provides additional access to high-bandwidth devices such as graphics cards and capture cards, providing more device expansion space for anchors and productive users.

In terms of expansion ability, this motherboard is also very excellent, with 4 PCIe 4.0 4 high-speed M.2 interfaces, covering a large area of cooling armor, and equipped with 6 SATA interfaces to expand super hard disk space at any time. The rear all-in-one IO has 4 USB 2.0s, 2 USB 3.2Gen1,3 USB Gen2 and a 20g USB-C interface, with a 20g USB-C pin reserved in the front and a very practical 30W PD fast charge. The wireless function has also been upgraded to WiFi-6E and Bluetooth 5.3, and comes with a shark fin wireless antenna.

Now the major e-commerce platforms on the motherboard are selling well, go to the Qicaihong self-operated flagship store to buy iGame Z790D5 FLOW and iGame Z790D5 ULTRA motherboards and participate in the single-win 50-yuan E-card activity, which ends on December 5th, players who have a recent demand for white performance sea view room should not miss it. Go to Qicaihong 's self-operated flagship store as soon as possible. Portal

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