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Sony and Mercedes-Benz jointly launched PS5-themed "Classe A Vibes" SUV, with game consoles and "GT Racing 7"

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Shulou( Report-- December 6, Sony SIE Italy announced today that it has reached a joint venture with Mercedes-Benz to launch an A-class "Classe A Vibes" SUV inspired by "PS5", with a global limit of 50 units and a price of 55677 euros ( Note: about 431000 yuan currently), along with a new PS5 game console and "GT Racing 7" game.

The car uses angular intake grille, white exterior color matching and blue atmosphere lights similar to PS5 mainframe and handle style, black leather interior and blue theme central control, but the interface between central control UI and PS5 is different.

According to the official introduction, the Classe A Vibes slogan, "different areas, the same Vibes", is designed to convey the spark produced by the fusion of two best-selling brands. noted that the car was actually built on the Mercedes-Benz A250e, a plug-in hybrid with a fuel consumption of 1.4L per 100 kilometers and a top speed of 140km/h in pure electricity.

▲ source Mercedes-Benz official website

As for the power parameters of ▲ Mercedes-Benz website, the maximum power and peak torque of the engine are 160Ps (118kW) and 250N ·m respectively, the maximum power and peak torque of the motor are 102Ps (75kW) and 300N ·m respectively, the maximum output power of the system is 218Ps (160kW), and the maximum torque of the system is 450N ·m.

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