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[Neo Enterprise Digital Camp] enter the sales Yi: talk about the four elements of CRM localization instead of landing more "silky"

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the "Zero Error" of the "Neo Enterprise Digital Camp" of the sales easy offline salon! The theme activity of "Safe and Reliable CRM Localization Alternative Strategy" was successfully concluded. Many well-known enterprises entered the sales department to jointly discuss the advanced strategies and practical experiences of localization alternative selection.

Substitution potential: non-negligible substitution strategy + non-missed window

Xu Xi, head of sales easy industry group, shared the core topics concerned by many enterprises, such as alternative strategies being constructed by many enterprises, favorable window period for the implementation of alternative schemes, etc.

Xu Xi said:"With the rapid development of the Chinese market and changes in various policies, localized solutions can not only better adapt to the characteristics of the Chinese market and provide a better user experience, but also meet the concerns of Chinese enterprises on security compliance. In addition, the rise of local CRM enterprises has further promoted the trend of CRM localization substitution. "

Xu Xi, Head of Sales Industry Group

Alternative plan: 4 elements make alternative landing more "silky"

A stone from another mountain can be used to attack jade. As an expert with nearly 20 years of experience and a large number of CRM alternative project delivery experience, Xu Shaoqi, General Manager of Beijing GreTai Technology Co., Ltd., shared the actual thinking of large-scale alternative projects with everyone during the activity, helping enterprises avoid lightning in the process of alternative projects, which has high reference value.

According to the alternative customers he has served in the past, Xu Shaoqi summarized the four core elements that should be paid attention to in the selection of alternative service providers:

First of all, product strength and industry experience are the basic considerations for enterprises to select service providers. It is very important to examine from many aspects such as product stability, product capability, product update iteration, etc.

Second, in the current changing environment, whether service providers can serve enterprises for a long time has become a "mandatory item".

Secondly, the cognition of the management team of the surface manufacturer determines the level of service quality from all aspects, which is easy to ignore but very important for enterprises.

Finally, the original service + reliable and ecological partners can ensure the stable, rapid and high-quality landing of alternative projects, which requires enterprises to deeply understand the specific situation.

In addition, he gave the enterprise to avoid the pit quickly, the correct landing alternative strategy:

● In-depth sorting out of business logic: establish an experienced research and implementation team to straighten out existing business processes and rules;

● Careful selection of migration tools: work with service providers to customize feasible migration solutions, minimize data size, and carefully select migration tools;

● Improve the quality of system migration: retain the source system data identification ID, minimize the degree of modification of surrounding systems, and ensure the technical team of surrounding systems to cooperate;

● Comprehensive consideration and response to emergencies: develop emergency plans for various scenarios and ensure support and cooperation from all parties;

Xu Shaoqi, General Manager of Beijing GreTai Technology Co., Ltd., shared

The Art of Alternatives: Reliable, Safe, Powerful Alternatives Explained

Sun Shaojie, chief solution consultant of Sales Yi, shared the "alternative technique"-the alternative solution and tool set provided by Sales Yi:

● Tool + methodology combination, data migration with one key is efficient and worry-free

Sales Yi summarized a set of data migration methodology from a large number of projects and released a one-click migration suite to realize one-click migration of data, improve the speed and accuracy of data migration, and reduce the preliminary preparation work, greatly shortening the CRM system delivery time.

● High degree of localization to meet the needs of Chinese enterprises

Sales Easy CRM covers all business scenarios from customer acquisition to sales to service to channel management, and integrated management is more suitable for Chinese enterprises; data centers are established in many places around the world to ensure compliance operation of enterprises; deep integration with enterprises and micro-enterprises helps enterprises connect customers to build private domain systems.

● Gartner certified product excellence, silky alternative peace of mind

Sales CRM has been selected in Gartner Magic Quadrant for seven consecutive years, and ranked first in the world for two consecutive years in terms of visual analysis and complex product configuration quotation (CPQ);PaaS platform has flexibility and scalability to support various customization requirements and quickly accompany business.

● Professional team + rich experience, 20 + industry leader successful practice

Sales Yi has established a pre-sales-after-sales international service team to respond to customer needs in a timely manner. At present, Sales Yi has successfully helped Schneider, Lenovo, Syngenta, BGI and other leading enterprises in the industry to successfully replace and accumulate rich experience in replacing domestic CRM.

Sun Shaojie, Chief Solution Consultant of Sales Yi

In addition to wonderful speeches and sharing, everyone actively shared experiences and inspired each other at the meeting. The whole activity was carried out in a warm atmosphere. Representatives of participating enterprises expressed a clearer understanding of how to successfully implement CRM localization replacement and seize the opportunity.

We can see that with the strengthening of data security management and the increasing demand for localized applications such as mobile social networking, the demand and attention of enterprises that once used international brands to CRM localization alternatives continue to grow, and sales are expected to provide safe and reliable new options for more enterprises seeking local CRM solutions to help enterprises continuously improve their competitiveness in the digital economy and seize the digital economy dividend.

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