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Big cooperation! Huawei data Storage works with Youxun Software to accelerate the Development of Multi-master databases in China

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On December 5, 2023, Huawei data Storage and Youxuan Software jointly released the "Joint solution for Database Deposit and calculation Separation". This release includes three sub-programs to meet different business scenarios in many industries, such as operators, energy, manufacturing, government, and so on. and launched a high-reliability, high-performance shared storage multi-write and multi-read cluster database (hereinafter referred to as "multi-master database") solution to accelerate the development of China's multi-master database industry.

At the press conference site, from left to right are Yan Hao, director of flash storage solutions for Huawei, Huang Tao, president of Huawei flash storage, Liang Jiliang, chairman of Beijing Youxuan Software, Huang Zhijun, general manager of Beijing Youxuan Software, and Wang Guojun, general manager of Beijing Youxuan Software Database Group.

Liang Jiliang, chairman of Beijing Youxuan Software, said that RAC (Real Application Cluster) technology is the most difficult and necessary part of database research and development in China. Youxuan Software has always been aiming at the direction of RAC technology. After 10 years of continuous high-pressure investment, the self-developed multi-write and multi-read product SRAC has made a breakthrough in the core system of key industries. Youxuan Software is willing to work with Huawei, an excellent storage manufacturer in the industry, to fully combine the software and hardware advantages of both sides, further enhance the ability of multi-master database, and provide Chinese and even global users with a new choice of multi-write and multi-read database.

Liang Jiliang, chairman of Beijing Youxuan Software

Huang Tao, president of Huawei's flash storage field, said that positive changes are taking place in China's database industry in recent years, and more and more customers realize that the deposit and calculation separation and multi-master database with mature technology and stable architecture is a better choice for the core system. Strong technical strength is needed to build a multi-master database. Huawei data Storage is willing to work closely with Youxuan Software to continuously launch multi-master database solutions that are more stable, more efficient and meet the actual business needs of various industries. solve the difficult problems of customer business system database selection and transformation, and accelerate the upgrading of China's database industry.

Huang Tao, president of Huawei flash memory

Wang Jun, product marketing manager of Youxuan Software Database Business Group, expounded the content and key technologies of the joint innovation scheme. The data inventory calculation separation solution of Huawei and Youxuan Software includes three sub-solutions, all of which are based on deposit separation + shared storage architecture, and fully integrate the advantages of Youxuan database software + Huawei OceanStor flash storage hardware to meet the needs of different types of transaction-based business:

● master / slave cluster deployment scheme: adopts database one master and one slave architecture to ensure high service availability, and has the characteristics of easy deployment and management, which is widely used in business systems such as OA, portal, mailbox, order management and so on.

● read-write separation cluster deployment scheme: adopts one master and multi-slave architecture, ensures slave node readability through deposit and calculation separation and master-slave data strong consistency technology, has the advantages of high performance, easy scalability and high reliability, and is widely suitable for medium and large-scale key transaction applications such as accounting system, ERP system, CRM system, manufacturing system, R & D system and so on.

● multi-write and multi-read cluster deployment scheme: adopts multi-master architecture, ensures strong consistency of global node data read and write through shared storage + SRAC technology, and achieves the effects of multi-write and multi-read, load balancing, brain fissure control, etc., with high reliability and performance expansion potential, suitable for large-scale core trading systems with high availability and performance requirements in industries such as telecommunications, energy, transportation, finance and taxation, and manufacturing.

Wang Jun, Product Marketing Manager of Youxuan Software Database Business Group

At the launch ceremony, Huawei Storage and Youxuan Software Exchange mutual certification of product compatibility. The release of this joint plan is another major handshake between China's database industry and storage industry, providing important help for various industries in China to build a strong and efficient digital infrastructure, and laying a solid foundation for the continuous strengthening of key technologies of IT and the maturity of the industrial chain. At the same time, this cooperation will accelerate the technological development of Chinese database "write more and read more" and provide a strong driving force for the industry to move towards an advanced "multi-master architecture" in an all-round way.

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