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Update of version 13.24 of "League of Legends": the new hero is online and the new summoner ID system is tested.

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According to news on December 6, League of Legends will update its 13.24 version at 0: 00 a.m. on December 7. The new hero will be launched in the new version, and the summoner ID system upgrade will also be tested.

Officials say this is the last version of the year, and the next meeting will be in version 14.1, full of exciting game changes.

The new hero [alien artist] will be added in this version. He has a whole palette of skills for him to use, giving players the opportunity to choose the perfect skills according to different situations, so as to give full play to their intelligence.

The Polaris Arena (formerly the Soul Arena) is back, and through more than 180 balance adjustments, the Polaris Arena is coming back in better shape than before. The "League of Legends" team also makes it possible for up to four people to join the queue or even eight people to join the queue, so you and your friends can decide who is the strongest gladiator.

In addition, League of Legends summoner ID system also ushered in the upgrade test, this time will first be tested in [Baron Field] and [Education Network] region, other regions will also be upgraded one after another.

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