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Can also operate with feet: Sony PS5 Access accessibility controller goes on sale today, 689 yuan

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Thanks to netizen Mie Mie Yang for the clue delivery! December 6 news, Sony SIE for PlayStation5 players launched a new barrier-free controller, the price of 689 yuan, even if the player's hands can not control freely, but also can use one hand, foot or face to complete the operation.

This controller is essentially a highly customizable PS5 controller kit that not only allows you to customize the controller layout with various shapes and designs, with different button caps and joystick caps, but also adapts to 360 degrees in any orientation and in various planes.

Sony said it took five years to develop the controller and hoped that more people would enjoy the game regardless of disability.

There are three kinds of parts installed on the top of the joystick for players to move game characters, etc., with different sizes. The controller can not only be placed on a desk, but also fixed to a wheelchair.

You can use up to two Access controllers simultaneously as a single virtual controller, or combine one or both Access controllers with a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller to add haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, dynamic sensors, and a sliding touchpad to your configuration.

In addition to the main body, PS5 Access also comes with USB cable, 8 pillow key caps (already installed on the controller), 4 flat key caps, 4 curved key caps, 2 cantilever key caps, 1 wide flat key cap, standard rocker cap, dome rocker cap ( note: already installed on the controller), spherical joystick cap, 23 key cap icons, quick reference guide and safety guide.

Sony PS5 PlayStation5 Access Controller 689 yuan direct link

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