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Mechanic K600T 82 key three-mode keyboard on the shelf: Gasket structure, optional three kinds of shaft body, the first price is 239 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! December 21 news, the mechanic today launched the K600T three-mode mechanical keyboard, using Gasket structure, with GR silver shaft, Tengzi shaft, bamboo green shaft three kinds of shaft body combined with two color matching styles, collates the price information as follows:

GR silver shaft (cigarette gray blue model) is sold for 299 yuan, and the reservation is available at 239 yuan.

Kaihua Teng Purple Shaft (Baisawa Purple style) is sold for 329 yuan and 269 yuan for an appointment.

Kaihua Bamboo Green Shaft (Baize Purple style) is sold for 329 yuan and 269 yuan for an appointment.

According to officials, the mechanical keyboard "Baisawa purple" keycap uses MDA height, printed with the mechanic's own two-dimensional IP role "Baisezi", optional "Teng purple axis" or "bamboo green axis"; "soot blue" keycap uses OMA height, using two-color injection molding three-color "black-blue-white" color matching, using GR silver shaft.

All three keyboards have RGB lights that support the "music rhythm" function and are equipped with 4000 milliampere-hour batteries, but there is no specific battery life information.

The keyboard parameter information attached to is as follows: mechanic K600T three-mode mechanical keyboard first offer 60 yuan 239 yuan direct link

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