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Chery Exploration 06 urban version of the model listed in China: Kunpeng 1.6 TGDIZHI 7DCTPower11.99-129900 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 7 news, Chery Exploration 06 urban version officially listed in China, the urban version launched a total of 2 models, the price range is 119900-129900 yuan. Exploration 06 Yueye version + model is also on the market at the same time, the price is 144900 yuan. noted that the front face of the exploration 06 urban version uses a harp-type rhythmic air intake grille design, and the car body uses 2K varnish technology, and the color is constantly changed with the change of light and shadow. the length, width and height of the vehicle are 4500/1865/1680mm and the wheelbase is 2672mm.

The Discovery 06 Urban Edition features a 37.6dB NVH quiet space, the cockpit is equipped with multimode pleasure seats, 13.2 inch AI digital screen, SONY 8 lift surround speakers; the second row of seats can be placed flat; there is also an oversized 1.1m ²panoramic electric anti-clamp skylight and convenient tea storage area, and external lighting in the trunk.

The new car is equipped with Kunpeng 1.6TGDI+7DCT power combination, maximum power 145kw, peak torque 290N ·m; Qualcomm 8155 chip, intelligent configuration such as 540 °high-definition panoramic image, vehicle global OTA, 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging and so on.

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