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Veteran Jingrun pearls: amino acid cleansing 100g official 9.9 yuan time-limited purchase

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Jingrun Pearl flagship Store]

Jingrun pearl hydrolyzed pearl X amino acid cleanser 100g official price 89.9 yuan, today issued an order to buy one get one free.

Stack 70 yuan time-limited coupons, actually pay 19.9 yuan to hand 2 + free delivery:

Tmall Jingrun Pearl Amino Acid Cleanser 100g buy one get one free get two coupons 19.9 yuan 70 yuan coupons in addition, this big promotion is "environmental protection" without outer packing box, mind shooting carefully!

Equivalent to 9.95 yuan / good price, flagship store with the same current sale of 19.9 yuan / piece: click here to see.

At present, the baby's main picture has been marked "buy one get one free" (if not marked, please do not place an order). If you are worried about the end of the event, you can consult customer service:

Official introduction

Tmall Jingrun Pearl Amino Acid facial Cleanser 100g buy one get one free get two coupons 19.9 yuan and 70 yuan coupons

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