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Ericsson has signed the largest open RAN contract in history with AT&T for $14 billion, robbing Nokia of big customers

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Thanks to netizens West window past, knsgccxr clue delivery!, December 6 (Xinhua) Ericsson has signed a five-year network transformation and digitization strategy contract with AT&T, totaling about $14 billion ( Note: currently about 100.24 billion yuan), Ericsson's largest ever 5G Open Wireless access Network (RAN) contract, according to Ericsson's China official account.

▲ Picture Source Ericsson China Ericsson said that it will deploy Ericsson 5G Open RAN products and solutions using cloud native technology based on O-RAN standardized interface, thus supporting AT&T to achieve Open RAN's goal throughout the United States.

Ericsson also said it would produce the infrastructure associated with the deal through its recently expanded 5G smart plant in Lewisville, Texas.

AT&T 's choice of Ericsson over Nokia is a sign. Earl Lum, an analyst at EJL Wireless Research, said last week that AT&T was considering removing Nokia from its list of 5G device suppliers.

Nokia's loss of AT&T business is a new major blow to the company after operator Verizon signed a partnership with Samsung to replace Nokia. Verizon dumped Nokia in part because Nokia uses Intel chips in its products, which consume too much power.

Earl Lum noted that although Nokia signed agreements with Broadcom and Marvel after 2020 to switch to relevant chips in its product portfolio, Nokia has been slow to upgrade its own product portfolio, and a number of devices still use Intel chips.

The reason why AT&T chose Ericsson is likely to be "slow replacement of Nokia products" and noisy "Nokia uses active air cooling in related products".

Nokia's Osprey and Habrok platforms launched over the past two years highlight the key design features of the company's large-scale MIMO solutions, with active air-cooled units on the back of some large MIMO devices.

Based on our discussions with key figures of the two operators, we believe that the two US wireless operators AT&T and T-Mobile are not infatuated with Nokia's fan-based MIMO solution.

We speculate that Nokia's adoption of active air cooling is due to the use of Intel ReefShark 1.0 chips with higher power consumption in related products, and the lower weight of air-cooled components, so Nokia wants to reduce the overall system weight to compete with Ericsson Gen 4 AIR6419/3219 solution (19-25kg).

Roger Entner, an analyst at Recon Analytics, points out that AT&T 's $14 billion contract with Ericsson will not meet its needs within five years. This means that AT&T may need to buy more equipment from another supplier to meet all the company's needs. also noted that Nokia announced yesterday that AT&T plans to deploy RAN in partnership with other suppliers over the next five years, so Nokia expects revenue from AT&T in the mobile network to decline over the next two to three years.

AT&T has accounted for 5% of Nokia's mobile network net sales since 2023. 8%. Nokia has announced cost-cutting actions that are expected to partially mitigate the impact of AT&T 's decision. Nokia expects its mobile network business to remain profitable for the next few years, but AT&T 's decision will delay achieving double-digit operating margins by two years.

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