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Gurman: Apple will launch two iPad Air and two OLED iPad Pro early next year

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Shulou( Report--, December 7 (Xinhua)-- in order to boost declining iPad sales, Apple plans to make a major update to its iPad product line in early 2024, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reported. Apple plans to launch new iPad Air and iPad Pro, both of which will change significantly.

It is reported that iPad Air will be available in two sizes like iPad Pro for the first time. Smaller models will continue to use 10.9 inches, but larger models will be 12.9 inches, just like the larger iPad Pro. Apple's goal is to offer more choices between screen size and price, and the 12.9inch iPad Air will be more affordable than the 12.9inch iPad Pro.

Apple's 2024 iPad Pro model will have an OLED display for the first time in the iPad series. Apple has been using OLED technology on the iPhone and Apple Watch, but larger OLED screens are more expensive. Compared with LED or mini-LED, OLED can bring darker black and brighter colors. The OLED display will be exclusive to the iPad Pro model, and the iPad Air will continue to use the standard display.

Goolman said the new high-end version of the iPad Pro will be equipped with Apple's new M3 chip, which was launched earlier this year. The M3 chip uses 3nm technology, and the graphics performance will be significantly improved compared with the M2 chip currently used in iPad Pro.

Apple will also update its iPad mini and iPad models in 2024, but it is not clear whether these tablets will be updated at the same time as the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

Along with the iPad update, Apple also plans to launch a new Apple Pencil and a new Miaoku keyboard, which will use a stronger aluminum frame, which will bring the iPad closer to a laptop. noted that Apple did not launch a new iPad in 2023, the first time Apple has not released a new tablet in a calendar year. IPad's revenue in 2023 was $28.3 billion, down from $29.3 billion in 2022.

The new iPad Air and iPad Pro models and their accessories are expected to be launched around the end of March next year, which is when Apple plans to release the iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4. Apple is likely to hold an announcement in March to launch the new device.

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