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A former Twitter executive sued Musk, claiming he was fired for opposing budget cuts

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 7 (Xinhua)-- A former security executive of Company X (then known as Twitter) recently sued Musk and Company X. according to him, Musk implemented sharp budget cuts shortly after his acquisition of Twitter, but he was "illegally" fired for opposing the decision.

The former executive, Alan Rosa (Alan Rosa), was fired by Twitter on December 6 last year. In a lawsuit filed with the New Jersey District Court, Alan Rosa said he was the global head of information technology and information security at Twitter and filed an arbitration request in April and paid part of the arbitration application fee.

It is said that Steve Davis, Musk's "senior adviser", instructed Rosa to cut the physical security budget by another 50% by midnight on December 1 last year, but he argued that the move would pose a real threat to public health / safety. so he raised an objection. Five days later, he was fired by Twitter, and Twitter did not provide him with a reason for his dismissal.

"although JAMS ordered Twitter to pay arbitration fees, Twitter has always refused to pay part of its arbitration fees," he said.

According to his lawsuit, on August 21, September 20 and December 4 this year, JAMS informed both parties that the lawsuit would be closed if the fee was not paid. However, the defendant never replied to these emails and never paid the arbitration fee he was due to bear.

Rosa, who is suing Twitter alone, said he should have received a $200000 performance bonus and nearly $364000 (currently about 2.606 million yuan) in vested equity compensation in February.

Rosa also said Twitter initially told him he would receive a severance package, including a bonus and ownership compensation, but later broke that promise. The lawsuit also claimed that Twitter told him that "his severance compensation has been shelved and that he needs to wait for an investigation into his behavior during his tenure."

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