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Lingke 08 model pushes Flyme Auto 1.2.0 version: new air conditioner adaptive air outlet mode, etc.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen sutton for the clue delivery!, December 7, according to the official news of Lecker App, the Lok 08 model launched the Flyme Auto 1.2.0 version, bringing 5 new and more than 20 optimization experiences.

Major updates are attached to

Lecker App online OTA remote update function: one click to get OTA updates, including new version tips, software download progress, update process and so on.

Flyme Link online phone function: after connecting the Meizu phone to the car phone through FIyme Link, you can make a call from the boundless desktop without Bluetooth connection and unlock the new operation.

Optimize TSI traffic sign recognition function: through the front camera, obtain the current road sign information, remind users to pay attention to the current road speed limits and road regulations.

New AEB front collision mitigation function: this function can be turned on through "setting-auxiliary driving-pre-collision assistance-front collision mitigation" for time limited edition and optional "technology for smart" models.

New intelligent assistant driving voice broadcast mode option: through the vehicle setting, enter the driving assistance language broadcast page, you can choose "detailed broadcast" or "simplified broadcast", missing the important information and not disturbing the driving experience.

New preference to save pop-up prompt sound: when adjusting the rearview mirror / HUD / seat, the pop-up window prompts "whether to save the configuration" and is accompanied by a prompt for sound saving.

Update of account rights management logic: for each account type, add logo prompt description; car owner account can save car data and manage other accounts independently; family account can save car data independently; car data will be deleted automatically after temporary account switch / exit.

New air conditioning adaptive air outlet mode: according to temperature, light and other conditions, automatically adjust the air outlet direction when the human body feels cold, tend to aim at the human body; after entering the comfortable temperature range, switch to sweep the wind or avoid the human body.

The brightness of the atmosphere lamp changes with time: memorize the brightness of the atmosphere lamp in the day / night scene respectively, and switch automatically at sunrise / sunset to avoid driving interference and guard the road steadily.

A more intimate nap mode: cancel the automatic power off for 30 minutes and turn on the nap mode.

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