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Ideal L-series models get version 4.6.5 OTA update: improve winter pure electric mileage

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According to news on December 7, ideal Motors announced on Wednesday that it will launch a 4.6.5 OTA upgrade for L-series models. This update focuses on "sustainable growth of pure electric life in winter" and claims to increase the total amount of cars used in winter by 15% and 20%. summarizes the OTA as follows:

Battery related algorithm upgrade: through the battery control algorithm upgrade, improve the battery remaining power estimation accuracy, optimize the battery capacity.

Optimization of the timing of the augmenter intervention: optimize the battery discharge strategy, ensure the power, delay the timing of the escalator intervention, and improve the proportion of pure electricity.

Intelligent adjustment of air conditioning power: in the air conditioning energy saving mode, the temperature inside and outside the vehicle is sensed by sensors, corresponding to the temperature value set by passengers, and the optimal power of air conditioning is adjusted automatically in real time to ensure the comfort of the car while increasing the pure electric mileage.

In addition, ideal car also warmed up the "biggest update in history" OTA 5.0in its Weibo post yesterday, including driving assistance in full scene, valet parking, seat control of the co-driver screen, fixed location booking for charging, browser and MindGPT, and a series of new smart car phone and driving assistance functions.

Ideal has previously announced that OTA 5.0 will be available to all users by the end of the year, supporting full-scene intelligent driving (NOA), full-scene assisted driving (LCC), self-developed model Mind GPT, and so on.

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