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Airbus EcoPulse verification plane completes its maiden flight and is driven by hybrid power.

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Thanks to netizen knsgccxr for clue delivery! EcoPulse, a hybrid electric distributed propulsion aircraft demonstrator jointly developed by Airbus, Safran and Daher, completed its first test flight in hybrid mode, according to Airbus official sources. The demonstrator's electric propeller is powered by batteries and turbogenerators.

EcoPulse took off from Tabou Airport in France at 10:32 CET on November 29 and conducted a test flight of about 100 minutes. During the flight, the crew activated the electric propellers and verified the normal operation of the aircraft's flight control computer, high-voltage battery pack, distributed electric propulsion system and hybrid electric turbine generator.

Sabine Klauke, Airbus Chief Technology Officer, said: "This is an important milestone for the aviation industry and we are proud to be using the new battery system to power the first flight of the EcoPulse demonstrator. Whether light aircraft, advanced air traffic or large hybrid electric aircraft, high energy density batteries are necessary to reduce carbon emissions from the aviation industry. Projects like EcoPulse are key to accelerating progress in electric and hybrid electric flight and are a cornerstone of our goal to decarbonize the entire aerospace industry. " has learned that EcoPulse is based on the Dach TBM aircraft platform, equipped with six integrated electric thrusters or electric propellers distributed on the wings (provided by Safran), and its propulsion system integrates two power sources: a turbogenerator, i.e., a generator driven by a gas turbine (provided by Safran) and a high energy density battery pack (provided by Airbus). At the heart of this architecture are the Power Distribution and Rectification Units (PDRUs), which protect the high-voltage network and distribute the available power, as well as the high-voltage power harnesses (both supplied by Safran). The battery pack, designed by Airbus, is rated at 800 volts DC and can deliver up to 350 kilowatts of power.

EcoPulse, one of the major collaborative projects in the field of aviation decarbonization in Europe, debuted at the Paris Air Show 2019. The demonstrator was designed to evaluate the operational advantages of integrated hybrid electric distributed propulsion, with a focus on CO2 emissions and noise level reduction.

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