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The price of OLED TV is expected to go down, and scientists develop production plans to replace rare earth metals.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, with the maturity of the production process and the price war of various manufacturers, the prices of mainstream televisions continue to decline, but the prices of OLED screen televisions remain high. The new mass production process recently developed by Dongguk University in South Korea is expected to make the price of OLED TV go down further.

An important reason why the OLED screen is so expensive is that rare earth minerals are used in the internal components. Although the actual production cost is very low, the material itself has been expensive because of its scarcity.

But new research suggests that there may be a more affordable and effective way to produce the same results.

In this study, benzyltriphenylphosphine bromide was used to grind manganese bromide ([Ph3BzP] 2 [MnBr4]) into a solution, which was then dissolved into a single MnBz crystal to make light-emitting devices (the LED part of OLED).

These new LED can not only provide quality comparable to traditional OLED, but also have higher efficiency and low turn-on voltage, reducing production costs.

However, if you want to commercialize this mass production process, you still face a lot of technical challenges, which may take several years to put into production. previously reported that Canon has developed an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel material that does not use rare earth metals and plans to commercialize the technology within a few years.

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Canon developed a new type of QD-OLED display material: using lead instead of rare earth metals, the cost is reduced by 99%.

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