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Redmi computer speakers are available for pre-sale today: four-unit acoustic configuration, RGB colorful atmosphere lights, to hand price of 199yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very afraid of health, do not believe in evil, and Xiaotao's clue delivery! December 7 news, Redmi computer speakers today all-channel open pre-sale, to hand price of 199 yuan. This is Redmi's first audio peripheral specially developed for desktop devices, using four-unit acoustic configuration, with golden ear certification of good sound quality; also equipped with RGB colorful atmosphere lights, support real-time sound pick-up color rhythm, professional DSP to adapt to music, games, movies and other scenes.

In terms of appearance, Redmi computer speakers adopt a simple cylindrical integrated design, covered with exquisite woven fabric, fashionable dazzling light belt with large-size knobs to adapt to all kinds of household styles.

According to, Redmi computer speakers use four-unit acoustic configuration, double iron boron full-frequency loudspeakers use a runway-shaped structure design, medium and high frequency details are rich and pleasant, with large-size double passive radiators to enhance low-frequency performance. Officials said that the high, medium and low frequency performance of Redmi computer speakers were balanced, sound field and separation tests were excellent, and the high score passed the double-blind test of Golden ear Lab and was awarded the honorary certificate of "CGEC Golden ear preferred Product".

Redmi computer speakers use two-channel symmetrical layout, internal independent airtight cavity, reduce channel interference, broad sound field, three-dimensional and accurate sound, more accurate sound identification during games.

Redmi computer speakers use 53 °sky sound field architecture, specially built for desktop scenes, loudspeaker 53 °inclination structure, the overall sound angle up to form the sky sound field. When the speaker is placed under the monitor, the pronunciation is still facing the face.

Redmi computer speakers also use RGB magic light belt, the bottom 16 RGB lamp beads neatly arranged to form a RGB magic light belt, providing 5 styles of lighting effects. In the pick-up rhythm mode, DSP intelligently analyzes the music spectrum, and the lamp band can rise and fall with the music in real time.

The Redmi computer speaker also has a built-in hidden microphone, which supports voice calls, online class exchanges, remote meetings, online games and so on.

In other aspects, Redmi computer speakers support USB one-line communication, USB-An and Type-C interface two into one, can be connected to monitors, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices, data and power connection. It also supports low-latency Bluetooth 5.0 and is equipped with 3.5mm audio output interface. Xiaomi (MI) Redmi computer speaker 199 yuan direct link

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