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Nano sports data API, football data interface, sports data service

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Shulou( Report--

With people's high standardization requirements for network information, the application of big data in today's era has been overwhelming, multi-functional integrated nano-data has served the sports field, those exciting data in the World Cup, the development of the sports Internet industry has attracted public attention, and the brand-new data brand nano-data has attracted the attention of all parties since it emerged at the Shanghai Internet Sports Industry Forum in 2018. And had a far-reaching impact.

Nano-data has mastered a mature and perfect sports data support system, and reliable analysis has been achieved in reporting football matches, such as real-time scores, technical statistics of goals, live text, and so on. an intelligence analysis with high gold content directly helps customers sort out the actual situation of the game team, and provides an efficient interface. The starting lineup and injuries of both sides of the game, some secret information is known in advance, the trend analysis of the strength of the team and so on.

As far as football data is concerned, the iteration and update of related data is developing rapidly at a terrifying speed, but now both B-end and C-end users have been inseparable from professional data analysis.

From the macro point of view of the schedule, results, and then depth to the instant score of the field, players' individual shooting, passing, steals and other related data, and then evolved to a variety of high-level data after the game, such as expected goals, passing success rates and expected assists, so that sports data continue to explore and advance in professional and in-depth fields.

The animation live 3.0 technology brought by nano-data allows Lei Speed Sports to continue to consolidate the leading position of sports C-end products. In the latest 8.3 version of Lei Speed Sports, with the advanced animation live broadcast technology provided by nano-data, Lei Speed has added player heat map and coach and referee information, and the data dimension has been improved in an all-round way.

Data analysis is one of the key directions of the development of nano-data in the future. With stronger technical algorithms and the improvement of AI sports data model, more high-level and depth data will have a great impact on the game itself-- digging deep into the depth data of teams and individuals (such as player thermal maps).

Pre-match data analysis, nano-data provides multi-dimensional data such as course / weather / temperature / wind speed, season points / predicted winning rate / historical confrontation, and recent record / goal time analysis of the two sides, among which the predicted winning rate / historical confrontation / recent record is the top priority of pre-match data analysis.

In terms of historical confrontation data and recent records, you can easily know the historical record of the two teams, who is the "victim" of whom, while the recent record can give a clear picture of the recent performance of the two teams in recent competitions. combining a variety of above data analysis, nano-data will provide a reference for the analysis of the winning rate between the two teams.

When it comes to in-game data, the player thermal map data provided by nano data can map the data performance directly to the field-the coach and the training team will make relevant arrangements for the players' tactics. and the thermal map of this chart-like data can make the depth of the tactical system on paper.

Post-match data is the best example for summarizing and analyzing players and teams-with the increase of the number of games and participation, the performance of players and teams tends to be a stable value. these deep and high-level data are especially valued by the training team-for example, Brighton's top youth training system stems from a unique algorithmic mechanism for selecting talents from around the world.

It can be predicted that more and more in-depth and high-level data will flock in. Combined with specific sports and field performance, people can have a glimpse of many secrets hidden under the appearance of sports data.

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