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Attorney General of New Mexico sues Meta and CEO Zuckerberg over child protection

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Thanks to netizens and soft media users for 1520111 clue delivery!, Dec. 7 (AP)-New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torres said in a statement on Wednesday that the state has sued Facebook's parent company Meta and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for failing to protect children from sexual abuse content and allowing adults to obtain pornographic images from them.

"according to our investigation of the Meta social media platform, it turns out that this is not a safe space for children, but a main place for predators to trade in child pornography and trick minors into having sex," Tuyuan Pexels Torres said. As a result, the Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Meta in court.

The lawsuit also alleges that Meta harmed children through the "addictive" design of its platform, harming users' mental health, self-worth and personal safety. attached the form and results of the survey as follows:

Investigators in New Mexico have created "bait accounts" for children and children aged 14 and under. As a result, Torres's office said pornographic content would be provided to the accounts even if children said they were not interested in the pictures.

The accounts have also been recommended for Facebook groups that facilitate commercial sex, which are often unmanaged, investigators said.

Torres bluntly said that Meta executives put user engagement and advertising revenue above the security of "the most vulnerable members of society". He said Zuckerberg and other Meta executives knew their products would cause serious harm to young users, but they didn't make enough changes to the platform.

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