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BAT, Huawei and NetEase initiated the release of Green Standard 6.0and established the Android / open source Hongmeng App standard.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Nali Yiyang and AseKhalil for the clue delivery!, December 7 (Xinhua)-- Software Green Alliance (formerly Android Green Alliance) is jointly sponsored by BAT, Huawei and NetEase, which aims to build a joint organization of domestic green software ecology.

Since the establishment of Software Green Alliance in 2016, it has been working to develop, improve and upgrade green application experience standards. In 2023, the green application experience standard ushered in a major upgrade, and the Software Green Alliance Application experience Standard 6.0 was launched (hereinafter referred to as "Green Standard 6.0").

According to reports, Green Standard 6.0 is divided into OpenHarmony version and Android version, mainly including compatibility, stability, power consumption, performance, security, UX six standards.

Among them, the standard of OpenHarmony version is formulated for the first time, which specifies in detail the measurement specifications and testing methods of intelligent terminal equipment applications based on OpenHarmony, which provides guidance for better adaptation of OpenHarmony applications.

Green Standard 6. 0 on the official website of ▲ Source Software Green Alliance has been reviewed and revised many times by the Technical Standards working Group of Software Green Alliance, and will be publicized and solicited by the industry from today to December 27, 2023. with Green Standard 6.0Core content outline:

1. Compatibility standards:

2. Stability standard:

3. Performance standards:

4. Power consumption standard:

5. Safety standards:

6. UX standard:

It is worth mentioning that OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, Ali, Baidu and Tencent jointly established the Mobile Intelligent Terminal Ecological Alliance (Golden Standard Alliance). The Golden Standard certification service aims to select applications that meet the certification standards in terms of stability, compatibility, performance, power consumption, security and privacy, and to promote them to users in the application markets of Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Lenovo and other brands.

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