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Achieve the goal of $100000 in 15 minutes, and the real-time strategy game Storm Gate is very popular.

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 7 (Xinhua)-- Frost Giant Studios Studios, set up by former Blizzard employees, released good news that its real-time strategy game "Stormgate" was launched on the KickStarter platform in just 15 minutes to achieve its crowdfunding goal of $100000.

Storm Gate was launched on December 5. As of 's press release, there have been 9854 supporters, with crowdfunding reaching $939387 ( Note: about 6.735 million yuan), with 56 days left.

Storm Gate is a free real-time strategy game set in a war between humans and a large number of alien invaders. You can join the campaign alone or with others, have fun or fight to the death at your own pace in online PvP and collaborative mode, and you can use the editor to make the most of your creativity. Welcome to the future of RTS games!

Storm Gate is developed using Unreal engine 5 and supports 4K high-resolution visual effects, allowing hundreds of units to conduct large-scale operations on a variety of different styles of maps and atlas.

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"Blizzard's former employees worked hard to build it, and the promotional video of Storm Gate, a real-time strategy game, was released."

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