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Polar Krypton 007 will be launched with the first self-developed battery, and Energy Day will be held on December 14.

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens for stomping jiojio for the clue delivery! December 7 news, polar krypton CMO (chief market officer) @ polar krypton Guan Haitao announced today through Weibo that the first self-developed battery of polar krypton will be installed in the polar krypton 007 model, and congratulated Dr. @ polar krypton Zhu Ling, vice president of polar krypton.

Polar Krypton officially announced yesterday that Polar Krypton Energy Day and 2023 battery launch will be held on December 14, slogan as "more important than gold is to bid farewell to anxiety." It is worth mentioning that Dr. @ extreme Krypton Zhu Ling quoted a poem in his Weibo post yesterday, "when autumn comes to September 8, I will kill a hundred flowers after blooming." the incense goes through Chang'an, and the city is full of golden armour. "

At present, there is still little information about the press conference, and officials are expected to start warm-up work in the next few days. In addition, the polar krypton car also mentioned the "BRICS era", which may imply some aspect of the characteristics of its new battery.

In yesterday's report on the daily schedule of polar krypton energy, some partners speculated that the release of polar krypton specifically for the battery, because the release of polar krypton "self-made battery", now the mystery seems to have been solved.

Polar Krypton 007 completed its declaration in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last month, and the information shows that the car has single-motor and dual-motor versions, both of which have ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery versions, respectively, and the suppliers are time Geely and Quzhou Polar.

In addition, the polar krypton car also revealed some of the information about the polar krypton 007 in the official Q & A: it was officially launched in late December and started the store test drive and interior decoration experience one after another. The car has been pre-sold at the Guangzhou Auto Show, with a limited price of 224900 yuan.

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