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Avita posted a video of unmanned parking, supporting backing, parking roaming, and intelligent summoning.

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Thanks to netizen 0x13217D4 for the clue delivery!, December 7 (Xinhua) recently, smart car manufacturers are showing off their self-driving muscles, and Avita Motors has released a self-parking challenge video after Huawei, ideal, Ultimate, and Xiaopeng.

As can be seen from the video, the Avita 11 can achieve more autonomous parking operations such as backing and intelligent summoning, and can roam independently when there is no parking space, looking for new empty parking spaces, similar to Huawei's demonstration on the smart world S7.

Avita 11 Hongmeng version is all equipped with Huawei's advanced smart driving system ADS 2.0, which claims to support a number of industry debut functions such as ETC toll station traffic and mechanical parking, to achieve a full scene-covered driving experience such as highway, urban and parking links. According to, delivery of the car began in September this year, with a price range of 300000 yuan to 390000 yuan.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with Huawei DriveONE high-voltage electric drive system, supporting single / dual motor power, single motor version of the maximum power 230kW, peak torque 370N ·m, zero acceleration 6.6s CLTC mileage maximum 730km. Dual-motor version of the maximum power 425kW, peak torque 650N ·m, zero acceleration 3.9s, maximum battery life 700km.

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