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Li Jie responded to the "one plus 12 price reduction": he has called the police, and if the rumor is true, the original price will be recycled.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens and Japanese side by side for the clue delivery! December 7 news, Li Jie, president of one plus China, issued an article at noon today to respond to the rumors of "one plus 12 channel price reduction".

Li Jie said, "it is necessary to make a clarification and commitment: if the price reduction is true, we will recover the original price!" At the same time, if users buy a reduced-price mobile phone, they can "sell" it to themselves at the official retail price. Li Jie even said that in this way users may "still be able to make money", as long as "they can really buy one plus 12 at reduced prices."

Li Jie revealed that recently, there are also a lot of rumors and slanders about one plus 12. "in the past two days, someone is organizing a large-scale slander against one plus 12." He also said that he has reported to the Dongguan police, and has verified the clues of several companies behind it, and is solidifying some evidence, and that the latest developments "will keep pace with everyone in time."

At the site of the one plus 12 new product launch the day before yesterday, Li Jie said in an interview that the company's goal is not to pursue short-term profits, "but to attract more users through better products."

As previously reported by, the configuration and price of the one plus 12 phone are as follows:

The price of 12GB + 256GB is 4299 yuan

The price of 16GB + 512GB is 4799 yuan

The price of 16GB + 1TB is 5299 yuan

The price of 24GB + 1TB is 5799 yuan

In addition, the machine is equipped with 5400mAh battery and supports 100W super flash charge + 50W wireless flash charge. Yiga also provides an exclusive self-developed "holographic audio" technology to realize simultaneous playback of up to 12 audio sources and channels projected to different directions.

The machine is also first equipped with AAC bionic vibration induction motor Turbo, adapts and accesses all kinds of applications and games, adjusts the vibration effect of 72 types of 700 + systems in the system, and the newly upgraded "aerospace heat dissipation system Pro", which claims to be a real new generation of global heat dissipation technology.

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