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The M9 taillight can customize the text and pattern, and display the word "Qing" to change the wedding car in a second.

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Shulou( Report-- December 7 news, recently changed cars reported that the question of M9 will be officially released on December 26. This conference will mainly introduce the functions and performance of the M9, including processors, high-definition displays, sound effects, megapixel headlights, AI Pangu models and practical applications in various scenarios. The car has been pre-sold before, and the new car is priced at 50-600000 yuan.

Recently, there has been a continuous exposure of road test photos of the M9, and netizens have found that this taillight can be customized. Interestingly, some netizens photographed the word "Qing" on the taillight of the M9. Against the red light source, the vehicle was instantly transformed into a festive wedding car. In addition, taillights can also be transformed into love, kittens and other shapes to meet the personalized needs of car owners. Although some people thought that the taillight design of the M9 was a little rustic, the addition of this innovative function seemed to add some charm to the taillight. noted that another noteworthy technical highlight is that the M9 will be launched with Huawei xPixel smart headlight system. This headlamp system can project a variety of dynamic patterns on the road, such as festive greetings, music beats, weather and so on, like a mobile projector. In actual driving, the functions of headlights are more diverse, such as displaying prompts according to driving distance, illuminating the target lane in advance when turning or changing lanes, projecting a light band as wide as the car body when driving on a narrow road, and automatically adjusting brightness and irradiation distance according to ambient light.

The lighting system of the M9 is highly anticipated, and Huawei is likely to join the ranks of "lamp factories" with this technology. However, some people have reservations about these seemingly gaudy functions, fearing that the custom pattern of the taillights may distract the rear drivers. What do you think of this?

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