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Li Xiang: ideal Automobile has the lowest "marketing and communication expense rate" of all automobile brands in China.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, car blogger @ Da D released a Weibo with the attitude that "ideal Xiaopeng Weilai Tesla's proportion of sales expenses and gross profit margin changes". The picture shows that ideal car accounted for 7.3% of marketing expenses in the third quarter, second only to Tesla (5.4%), Xiaopeng and Weilai were 19.8% and 18.9%, respectively.

In response, ideal Automobile CEO Li Xiang responded: "ideal Automobile is the enterprise with the lowest [marketing and communication cost] of all car brands in China, including all marketing and communication costs of mainframe factory and sales (direct marketing / agency) system. Tesla should be the only one lower than us in the world."

Tuyuan blogger "Big D has attitude" is worth mentioning that Ma Lin, Assistant Vice President of Automobile Brand and Communication, said that it is ideal that the Douyin content of the three cars this year should be about 90 million, and the one that spends the most is not Weibo. noted that in the topic of "ideal car spending money to hire media marketing" in May this year, Li wanted to expose the rate: "the market expense rate of our brand is 0.6%, and the expense rate of mainstream brands is about 2-3%, which is 4-5 times that of ideal cars; the full-caliber sales expense rate of luxury brands, including brands and channels, is also about 4 times that of ideal cars."

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