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The stand-alone version of Dawn Kill will be announced at the TGA 2023 Awards ceremony as an interactive plot game.

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Shulou( Report--, December 7 (Xinhua)-- the official account of "Dawn Kill" posted a post on the X platform today, claiming that it will bring the "stand-alone version" display of "Dawn Kill" at tomorrow's TGA awards ceremony, but the name of the game has not been disclosed. learned that the game is a single-player interactive plot game based on the Dawn Kill worldview, while Supermassive's executive producer Traci Tufte has previously claimed that the film will have a new character, combining the tension, action and sub-plot design of the team's work with the Dawn Kill story to create a narrative experience full of life and death choices.

▲ officially launched a game introduction video in May this year: "two derivative games will be launched for the 7th anniversary."

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