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Stephen Chow's Web3 team will launch an independent App next month, and "Star Yeh" will be unveiled as a creator.

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Thanks to netizen Jiang Zhong a cat clue delivery! On the afternoon of December 7, according to close to Zhou Xingchi team personnel revealed to Sina Technology, Zhou Xingchi's Web3 start-up Moonbox will complete the launch of Moonbox App as early as January next year, when the App will be free to users. At present, the App development work has been basically completed, Moonbox team has put a lot of effort into NFT play, and has designed interactive play based on AI and NFT chat.

With the independent launch of Moonbox App,"Stephen Chow will meet you as Moonbox First Creator," according to the person familiar with the matter. At the same time, Zhou Xingchi participated in the creation of Nobody NFT new products, will also be released, users can chat with each Nobody NFT character through the App to understand the character, hobbies, background story.

In August this year, Stephen Chow publicly announced his entry into Web3+AI and interacted with OKX as soon as possible. Zhou Xingchi wrote in INS at that time,"Thank you for finding a group of like-minded Web3 partners, studying Web3+AI projects, hoping to be my AI instead of me." "And at the end of this INS @OKX. That same month, OKX Ventures announced a $1 million investment in Moonbox.

Moonbox, located in Hong Kong, has received IP from Stephen Chow's films "Journey to the West·Demon Subduing,""Journey to the West·Demon Subduing" and "Mermaid," according to public sources. It plans to launch a series of AI-driven NFT and apps inspired by the art and film industries by the end of 2023. Although several Chow IP licenses have been obtained, there is no information from the outside world that Moonbox is a Chow subsidiary.

According to the above-mentioned insiders,"Moonbox is actually Xingye's company, and OKX and other units are actually only employers. "The person familiar with the matter said that Zhou Xingchi himself attached great importance to the launch," in addition to building a grand world view for Nobody, but also deeply participated in Moonbox product discussions." He and his team emphasized most: "Nobody NFT must be fun."

Recently, Chinese-American rapper Ouyang Jing released his new song "Nobody" MV. At the end of his new song MV, not only Zhou Xingchi himself has "voice," but also the brand logo of "Moonbox." According to people familiar with the matter, the release of "Nobody" is actually Ouyang Jing invited by Zhou Xingchi to preheat his eponymous series NFT Nobody.

Stephen Chow's agent Chris Chan said in response to Sina Technology's inquiry: "Stephen Chow hoped to build a native IP based on Web3 at the beginning of Nobody's creation, bringing the top storytelling ability of Chinese to the Web3 industry. As the name of Moonbox's upcoming NFT series, Nobody is inspired by the spiritual power represented by Mr. Stephen Chow: born small, but able to achieve great things. "

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