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The first preview picture of Nezhan L new car is made public: positioning pure electric big five-seat SUV

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clues of the suffering march!, December 7 (Xinhua)-- this afternoon, @ Negro released the first preview of its brand-new model, the Nezha L. As can be seen from the picture, the car will be a SUV model, and it can also be seen from the silhouette of the family of three on the roof that the promotion of the car before and after its official debut is expected to focus on "household use".

However, before the warm-up, the "official spy photo" of the new car had been released by Zhang Yong, the CEO of the car. The car is based on Nezha's "Shanhai" platform and is a pure electric big five-seat SUV. Judging from the picture, the overall outline of the car tends to be tough, with straight lines on the side and a spoiler with obvious size at the rear.

According to @ Li Bingruo liberty @ Dehalai driving and other car bloggers, the car is expected to use Fudi's 72-degree battery pack and CSR 170kW motor, but the price and other configuration information are not immediately known. In addition, judging from the spy photos of the car's interior, the new car will be equipped with a double screen composed of central control screen and co-driver entertainment screen, which looks quite eye-catching in the entire cockpit.

In addition, according to previous reports from, Jiang Feng, vice president of Nashi Automotive, said at the 2023 Nashi Automotive New products Conference held in October that Naga Automobile will comprehensively transform from an automobile manufacturing company to a global high-tech company in 2026, with its focus shifting from manufacturing to technology services, and achieving the sales target of one million vehicles in the global market.

In October this year, Naha launched the "Yunhe" pure electric vehicle platform and the Nashi X model based on this platform. Jiang Feng said that the "Yunhe" platform covers the A0-B class, with three models from cars, SUV to MPV, achieving a variety of power requirements. The common rate of platform parts is 80%, and the research and development cycle of new cars is shortened by 8 months.

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