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Dragon Chenchen, the mascot of the Spring Festival Gala, was questioned again by outsiders, with sources saying that the prototype was based on the AI picture of the year of the Dragon banknote of the Construction Bank.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, yesterday, the central radio and television station 2024 Spring Festival Gala mascot image "Dragon Chenchen" was officially unveiled, but some netizens questioned that the mascot is AI synthesis, while @ Spring Festival Gala Weibo released two drafts of "Dragon Chenchen" design, claiming that "Chenchen" is not AI synthesis.

However, found that the blogger @ CG Illustration Controller still raised questions. The blogger found that the original version of the mascot of the year of the Dragon banknote of the Construction Bank is highly consistent with the image of the Spring Festival Gala Dragon Chenchen. In addition, the original version of the CCB gold banknote poster reads "the mascot of the world's first AI design".

▲ image source blogger "CG Illustration Control" posted Weibo.

▲ image source blogger "CG Illustration Control" posted Weibo since then the Construction Bank updated the "year of the Dragon" pattern, unifying the related patterns into the CCTV "Dragon Chenchen" pattern.

▲ Picture Source China Construction Bank official Weibo

▲ image source blogger "CG Illustration Controller" posted Weibo in addition, the blogger said that the draft file of the mascot "Dragon Chenchen" is too small, "picture size shows hundreds of KB and PSD file size shows 0.45MB or 8.45MB", which does not meet the normal file size for drawing, and the official PSD file has not been opened to show the contents of layers.

Accordingly, the blogger believes that the specific situation of the Spring Festival Gala mascot "long Chenchen" is "full of doubts".

The official introduction of "Dragon Chenchen" in transcription is as follows:

The mascot of the 2024 year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala seeks design inspiration from the long-standing Chinese excellent traditional culture and draws emotional resonance from real life, which is not only full of the implication and aesthetic feeling of Xiao long in the traditional culture. it also shows the high-spirited spirit of the Chinese people in the new era.

"Longchen" extracted the unique ancient dragon nose from the turquoise dragon-shaped ware unearthed at the Erlitou site in Yanshi, Henan Province, as the design element. the dragon ridge structure and belly pattern are derived from the four title edges and cloud thunder patterns on the side of he Zun in the Western Zhou Dynasty, where the word "China" was first recorded. The decoration on the eyebrow bow and dragon shoulder is taken from the moire bronze forbidden pattern in the Henan Museum, exquisite and chic, adding interest and ancient rhyme to the mascot.

Related reading: "mascot" long Chenchen "was questioned as" AI synthesis ", and the official blog of the Spring Festival Gala responded that it was really painted in one stroke.

Dragon Chenchen, the mascot of the 2024 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, was officially unveiled.

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