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Xiaomi OS design focuses on "aesthetics of sense of life" and adopts rounded corner design as a whole.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, in this evening's Xiaomi OS experience communication meeting, Xiaomi official detailed description of the various details of the improvement of OS. OS adopts "life aesthetics" design, global fillet design, real-time multi-level rendering, fuzzy color mixing and shadow, visual comfort, unity and delicacy. The dynamic effect of the system comes from the resplendent stage art, together with the aesthetic expression of pluralistic integration, to build a unique sense of life aesthetics. noted that the typeface MiSans of 's OS system has been newly upgraded, adding 60340 characters to the obscure font library, totaling 87887 characters, and adding obscure word keyboards.

At the same time, OS launched a new MiSans Global font, covering 20 + writing systems, more than 600 languages, free commercial use around the world.

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