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DTC 2023 | the ecology of smart display is improving day by day, and TCL Huaxing vigorously promotes the upgrading of the display industry.

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On December 7, 2023 TCL Huaxing Global display Ecology Conference (hereinafter referred to as DTC2023) was held in Wuhan. The conference gathered hundreds of partners and industry experts from around the world to discuss the application and future development trend of cutting-edge display technology. In this conference, TCL Huaxing continued to focus on smart screen ecology, openly displayed the strategic layout of new products, technologies, ecology and globalization, and released a number of blockbuster products based on cutting-edge display technology, which attracted wide attention in the industry.

The forward-looking layout of technological innovation to consolidate the leading position in the industry

Wang Cheng, COO of TCL Technology, pointed out in his opening speech that in recent years, in the face of the numerous and complicated international situation and the accelerated evolution of the world pattern, TCL Huaxing and its global partners have always adhered to the original intention of "open innovation and win-win cooperation", deepened cooperation, and launched a series of smart screen display products, which has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

In the future, TCL Huaxing will make efforts in the four directions of strategy, layout, technology and concept at the same time, and work hand in hand with partners to bring more advanced, smarter and greener screen display product experience to global users.

Zhao Jun, senior vice president of TCL Technology and TCL Huaxing CEO, mentioned in the strategy keynote speech that after meeting the basic functional requirements, consumers pay more attention to the user experience, especially the need for healthy screens. TCL Huaxing has an all-round insight into the needs of consumers, devotes itself to creating green, low-carbon, healthy eye protection screen products, and has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs in LCD, OLED and other fields, providing consumers with reliable smart screen products.

In the next step, TCL Huaxing will go hand in hand with colleagues in the industry, take the consumer demand of "pleasant, trustworthy and sustainable" as the core ecological cooperation concept, empower thousands of households with high-quality products, and bring more warm-hearted services to global consumers in multiple scenarios.

Zhao Jun, Senior Vice President of TCL Technology and TCL Huaxing CEO

Based on the consideration of market development and technological innovation in the display industry, TCL Technology CTO and TCL Huaxing CTO Yan Xiaolin said that TCL Huaxing will focus on the development and commercial application of LCD,OLED / QLED,MLED and micro-display technology, pay close attention to mainstream and emerging technologies, and constantly open up future technologies and new application technologies.

At the same time, the development of display technology industry is inseparable from the cooperation of upstream and downstream. TCL Huaxing starts from display experience, visual health, green and low carbon, arranges corresponding technologies, and forms a joint force with supply chain partners from materials / processes / equipment to jointly promote the development of display technology ecology and form a good situation of mutual benefit and win-win situation.

TCL Technology CTO, TCL Huaxing CTO Yan Xiaolin

The global debut shines brilliantly, and the top screen display technology has both hardware and software.

In this DTC2023, Dr. Yan Xiaolin gave a comprehensive and detailed introduction to four global premiere products and the world's first semiconductor display AI model, covering cutting-edge technologies such as printing OLED, MLCD, LTPO and display vertical private large model AI, fully demonstrating the achievements of TCL Huaxing's independent innovation and full of scientific and technological background.

The world's first 65-inch 8K printed OLED curved screen

The world's first 65-inch 8K printed OLED curved screen is the largest size of the world's printed OLED display screen. Its pixel is as high as 33 million, the contrast also reaches the level of millions, can present the extremely clear shock large screen vision. With the high refresh rate of 120Hz and a wide viewing angle of 135 °, you can get a silky and smooth viewing experience no matter which angle is C-bit. Compared with the current mass production evaporation process, the printing OLED technology process is relatively simple, the utilization rate of luminous materials is as high as 90%, 2 times higher than similar technology products, blue radiation can be reduced by 50%, more energy saving and environmental protection, and can effectively protect the eyes at the same time.

The world's first 14-inch 2.8K printed Hybrid OLED laptop display

This is the first time that TCL Huaxing printing OLED technology has stepped into the representative product in the field of notebook display, and realized the technical breakthrough of mass production grade 240PPI. With the high resolution of 2.8K and the color gamut coverage of 99.7% of DCI-P3, every detail of the screen is clearly visible, and every frame is colorful, bringing users an unparalleled visual experience. And support 30~120Hz adaptive refresh rate, bring smooth and smooth dynamic picture performance, but also significantly reduce power consumption.

The world's first 150-inch MLCD zero-seam commercial display screen

In the commercial display scene, TCL Huaxing combines the respective technical advantages of LCD and LED through independently innovative MLCD technology, and can realize infinite splicing of 1N zero stitching in product form, and can support intelligent split-screen display according to different meeting scenes, which significantly improves office efficiency. In terms of picture quality, TCL Huaxing uses LCD+LED hybrid compensation calibration technology to make the chromaticity difference between LCD and LED less than 3/1000, the picture transition is natural and smooth, and supports 6K4K display, bringing a more high-definition picture quality feeling. In addition, in order to reduce the cost of users, TCL Huaxing adopts the magnetic fixed design of Mini LED light strip, which makes the installation and maintenance more convenient.

World's tallest Real RGB 1727PPI 2.1inch LTPO-VR LCD head display

To make the VR head display device the highest pixel density in the world, 1727 VR head display device has broken through the limit of the current PPI design and manufacturing process, effectively solved the screen window effect problem existing in the VR head display device, eliminated the grainy feeling of the picture, and further enhanced the sense of immersion in the user experience. Thanks to LTPO technology and new process materials, this VR head shows a leading level in the industry in terms of high transmittance, high refresh rate, narrow frame, low power consumption and so on. In addition, in order to solve the problem of dynamic blurring of VR head display devices and reduce the sense of vertigo that users wear for a long time, TCL Huaxing uses Fast-LCD technology to make the response time of the product < 4ms, combined with 70~120Hz high refresh rate and low shadow technology, which significantly improves the comfort of users.

"Xingzhi X-intelligence" big model

In order to meet the high requirements of the panel industry for the AI large model, TCL Huaxing has jointly developed the world's first vertical domain large model of the display industry-"Xingzhi X-intelligence", together with TCL Industrial Research Institute, Tsinghua KEG team & Zhisu AI team and the National New display Technology Innovation Center team.

The "Xingzhi X-intelligence" large model is designed to meet the needs of the display industry, with strong natural language processing and knowledge reasoning capabilities, can deeply understand relevant terms and concepts, and can surpass GPT4 in the display field. the release of the "Xingzhi X-intelligence" large model marks an important step in the application of large model technology in the display field, helping enterprises to continuously improve their production efficiency and innovate to a new level. At the same time, the "Xingzhi X-intelligence" model can realize private deployment, strictly ensure data security, build a technical moat in the display field, and effectively promote the upgrading of China's display industry.

In addition, TCL Huaxing also demonstrated the latest research and development achievements of cutting-edge display technologies such as WHVA, flexible OLED, 3D light field display, covering TV, e-sports display, vehicle screen, folding screen and other application fields, further improving the technical ecology of TCL Huaxing screen display products. In terms of upstream and downstream industrial cooperation, TCL Huaxing works with partners to accelerate the localization of upstream raw materials, reshape the pattern of the mid-stream industrial chain, and develop joint applications of downstream partners to create a perfect ecological closed loop of the industrial chain.

Cooperative Innovation and coordinated Development to jointly promote the upgrading of China's display Industry

To promote the development of China's display industry, it is necessary to have the full support of industrial partners. In this conference, a number of strategic partners and industry experts of TCL Huaxing also expressed important views.

Qu Jia, director of the Department of Ophthalmology at Wenzhou Medical University, said that Chinese Eye Valley focuses on ophthalmology and aims to promote innovation and development in the field of ophthalmology by integrating resources and optimizing ecology. At present, we plan to build a research institute with TCL Huaxing in "China Eye Valley" to transform the research results into actual products and services, and further promote the ecological development in the field of ophthalmology and health display.

Liang Yali, vice president of Intel Marketing Group, said that TCL Huaxing and Intel are important ecological partners. They have been cooperating deeply in the areas of low power consumption and dynamic refresh rate of notebooks and displays, and have also carried out a series of cooperative innovation and research in intelligent manufacturing areas such as defect detection. With the rise of large models and AIGC, various digital formats are being subverted and reconstructed. In the future, TCL Huaxing and Intel will continue to promote the development of display ecology by adhering to the realization and development of the concept of green PC,AIPC.

Hao Fulai, Senior Vice President of Electronic and Electrical products Services of T Ü V Rheinland Product Service Group, said that Rheinland plans to launch a new carbon reduction project for the display industry, hoping to work with TCL Huaxing and other display companies to help the display industry move towards a higher quality.

Multi-layout of industrial upgrading to accelerate the high-quality development of the industry

On the whole, on the one hand, DTC2023TCL Huaxing continues to improve its strong screen display technology ecology, on the other hand, relying on full-spectrum solutions and the visual ecosystem built in cooperation with partners, it has formulated a number of visual health standards to provide consumers with reliable eye protection products. In the construction of green system, TCL Huaxing cooperates with TCL Technology Group to build zero-carbon engineering and zero-carbon system, including zero-carbon factory, zero-carbon office, zero-carbon design, etc.; build zero-carbon enterprises with the strength to provide consumers with energy-efficient, more energy-efficient zero-carbon products, and transmit a more sustainable low-carbon concept to society.

Whether it is industrial ecological layout or product technological innovation, TCL Huaxing has been in the forefront of the industry. As one of the leaders of China's display industry, TCL Huaxing shoulders the important task of promoting the globalization of China's display industry. In the future, TCL Huaxing will also adopt a more open attitude, start industrial diversification, accelerate close cooperation with upstream and downstream industrial chains, lead high-quality industry development, promote industrial upgrading, and build a global symbiotic and win-win ecological industrial system.

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