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[open the box] the true self GT5 Pro starry night view: low profile, light extravagance

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Shulou( Report--

Realme held the true self GT5 Pro press conference this afternoon and officially released the true self GT5 Pro mobile phone. At present, has got this product, and now we will give you an out-of-the-box picture.

The packaging of the true self GT5 Pro is a matching color of black gold, black as the bottom, golden banners around the packaging in the middle, "GT5 Pro" black product name is quite eye-catching, the whole design has a low-key, light and extravagant fashion sense. got the color matching for starry night, pure black color with starry AG glass technology, so that the back of the phone in the deep black can reflect starry white light, like the starry night sky, the name "starry night" may come from.

The true self GT5 Pro adopts starlight rail lens design, with stainless steel protection ring, same color aluminum alloy ring, 360 °Seiko gear design on the periphery of the ring, brand-new knurled precision carving technology, 300 + channels of delicate gear lines.

The phone also has the industry's first super-hard aluminum frame, which officials say is stronger than titanium, with a bright brushed texture design on the surface of the frame and a black rear shell that sets off each other, adding flexibility to the design.

The front of the phone is a 6.78-inch screen with a straight screen. Officials say it has both a straight screen look and a curved screen feel, and the width of the chin is only 1.94mm, which is said to challenge the narrowest jaw of the curved screen.

This screen has a 1.5K resolution, has the highest peak brightness 4500nit in the industry, manual brightness up to 1000nit, global brightness up to 1600nit. it supports Pro-XDR high dynamic display and Dolby horizon HDR video playback.

In terms of other elements, the true self GT5 Pro body has power keys and volume buttons on the right, no buttons on the left, microphones and infrared modules at the top, speakers, USB ports, microphones and SIM card slots at the bottom.

The body of BWH is 161.72 mm × 75.06mm x 9.23mm and weighs 224g.

In terms of packaging, the phone comes with a silicone protective case, as well as chargers, data cables, card pins and other conventional accessories.

The pre-sale of authentic GT5 Pro starts at 15:30 today, with a limited time limit of 3298 yuan for the first launch and an all-channel sale at 10:00 on December 14.

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