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Meizu 20 / Pro "Classic replay", officially announced the launch of "Snow Man Adventure" PANDAER replica antibacterial shell for a series of mobile phones

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Muir Seth for his clue delivery! According to on December 7, the official PANDAER account of Meizu announced in a post in the Meizu community today that it will launch a "PANDAER snow man adventure re-engraved antibacterial shell" for Meizu 20 Pro mobile phones tomorrow, which is expected to sell for around 129-139 yuan.

▲ Tu Source Meizu PANDAER official account Meizu initially launched a series of "snow man adventures" themed PANADER mobile phone cases in 2022, which are mainly suitable for products such as Meizu 20 / Pro and Apple iPhone 12 Pro.

The series of mobile phone cases are mainly made of PC and TPU materials and are treated with micro-scrub. Meizu claims that these mobile phone cases can provide all-round protection, and the design of the phone case uses the IMD process structure, combined with anti-impact materials, so that the pattern can be maintained for a long time. learned that IMD (film decoration technology) process, that is, pattern printing ink is located in the middle layer of the transparent shell, long-term use will not wear out, keep bright for a long time. This kind of phone shell opens the mold accurately, at the same time provides the protection for the rear camera module part, prevents the scratch.

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