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It has announced that it will maintain its top five positions in the Indian market with "aircraft sea tactics", and 24 mobile phones will be launched next year.

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Shulou( Report--, December 7 (Xinhua)-- according to analyst firm PTI, it has announced to the agency that it will consolidate its top five positions in the Indian market through "aircraft sea tactics" in 2024. Next year, the company will launch 24 new smartphones, 12 of which will have 5G technology.

PTI also said that the average selling price of voice phones is rising, from 11000-12000 Indian rupees ( Note: about 945-1031 yuan) in January 2023 to 18000-19000 Indian rupees (currently 1546-1632 yuan) in December 2023. learned from the PTI report that future transmission will focus on 15000 Indian rupees (currently about 1289 yuan) and above market segments, and plans to significantly expand the relevant markets next year, with plans to sell 1.5 million mobile phones in 2024.

Tsinghua recently launched two new smartphones in India, the Tecno Spark Go 2024 and the Tecno Phantom V Flip.

The Tecno Spark Go 2024 is an entry-level smartphone that costs 6699 Indian rupees (currently about RMB575). It has a 6.56in FHD 90Hz display, a 5000 Ma battery and supports 10W charging.

The ▲ Picture Source Audio Tecno Phantom V Flip is a folding screen phone that costs 46749 Indian rupees (currently about 4016 yuan), with a 6.9inch FHD + flexible AMOLED inner screen and a 1.32inch round AMOLED outer screen.

The phone uses MediaTek Dimesity 8050 CPU, with Mali-G77 GPU, has a 4000 milliampere battery and supports 45W fast charging.

▲ picture source sound transmission

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